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Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul

Dragons’ Den has been a hugely successful reality television show which started in Japan and moved on to various parts of the world with their own sweet versions. Dragons’ Den features entrepreneurs who have an idea or a product to sell, but lack the funds to project them in the market. The Dragons, five venture capitalists hear their pitches for the product and decide to support them or reject them based on their performance and product worth. Dragons’ den has seen many a success and failure that the viewers enjoyed watching.

The popularity of the show created many comic versions with the dragons and the entrepreneurs imitated to perfection by renowned comedians. Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul comedy show which was a spoof of the original Dragons’ Den show is one such show that made everyone go splits over the hilarious episodes.

Harry and Paul is an award winning sketch comedy featuring comedians Paul Whitehouse and Harry Enfield. Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul was broadcast in series two and series three of the Harry and Paul show.

Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul

The popularity of Dragons Den created a spoof named Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul that was enjoyed by the television crowd for their pure entertainment value. The Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul show portrays the duo, Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse entering the Dragons’ Den TV series as the entrepreneurs trying to sell their prized product .The investment amount demanded is a whopping £100,000! And the stake? A paltry 1%.

The sketch comedians Harry and Paul were reunited in the Harry and Paul show where the Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul is aired.

In the show where Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul was telecast, there were four series which have characters from different streams of life that recur throughout the episodes. The first series in the show Harry and Paul where Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul is aired, One sees the opening sequence which is the parody of an advertisement on skin care. Harry and Paul act as the women who later remove their makeup and appear before the viewers.

In the second series of Harry and Paul show where Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul is telecast, the two comedians are seen appearing as dictators in a parade ground, reviewing their performance.

The recurring characters in the second series include Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul. We see the Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul in all their mettle taking on the role of entrepreneurs in the famed BBC show Dragons’ Den.

Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul parodies four Dragons from the Dragons’ Den. Theo Paphitis is portrayed as Theo Profiterole, Deborah Meaden portrayed as The Grumpy Woman, Duncan Bannatyne, seen as Duncan Guillotine and Peter Jones as John Lewis. While Duncan and Theo are played by Paul, Deborah and Peter are played by Harry. The reunion of Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul were looked forward by many people. The magic they created together in the 1990’s were still not forgotten by their fans.

The Dragon Den Harry and Paul series see them as submitting hilarious ideas to the investors namely a new month. After the other Dragons’ point out the product flaws, Duncan is portrayed as finding the faults of the products that the entrepreneurs have pitched for. The products are all rejected by the dragons as worthless. They ridicule the inventors of the product and ops out.

Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul also parodies Evan Davis, the host of the show. James Caan was not present in the spoof of Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul, series two. This could be because James Cann was a late entry into the Dragons’ Den series. He was subsequently featured by Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul in series 3. On the occasion of Red Nose Day 2009, a special party was organised with Victorian Dragons’ Den parody as the theme. This part of Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul series sees the real Dragons on the move. They present innovative products like the television set, toilet etc which are all doomed unworthy. This is in fact a parody on Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul’s criticism of Theo Paphitis.

Dragons’ Den season three sees Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul showcasing the dragons in new names like Duncan Genocide, Peter ‘Nick Clegg’ Jones, Theo Theofoetus and James Yes We Cann.Series three of Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul has some very ludicrous moments that the crowd enjoyed to the core. Moments of comic brilliance are seen in Paul Whitehouse’s rendering of Evan Davies in Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul series. Enfield and Whitehouse did not disappoint the fans who have been waiting with bated breath over their performance. Though both have changed their techniques of comedy and have branched out into characterisation, they are both still very convincing, whatever roles they enact.

Sketchy comedy is sometimes difficult to interpret and can do a hit and miss. But Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul have the distinction of not getting missed. The comedy that they present is to the point and aimed at the right target. Through their reunion, Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul have created some lighter moments to ponder and laugh while on our own. The episodes of Dragons’ Den Paul and Harry where they try to secure an investment for £100,000 for a 1% stake on their product, a crown that they plan to produce in just three pieces is one of their best in Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul series. Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul have portrayed the fidgety entrepreneurs who have come to taste their luck with the Dragons to perfection!

Though Dragons’ Den Paul and Harry’s comeback did not create the big bang that was expected of them, one does not regret watching them on TV just for their pure comic sense and entertainment value. The macabre portrayal of entrepreneurs by Dragons’ Den Harry and Paul is something not to be missed in all the world!