Dragons’ Den Application

Dragons’ Den Application

This is the age of reality shows! Here’s a show that has set the publicity charts soaring…Dragons’ Den caught the fancy of many a struggling entrepreneur and send them running for Dragons’ Den application forms that could change their life for the better or worse!

Dragons’ Den is a hugely popular reality television series that appeared in the BBC, featuring investment wizards who give monetary support to struggling brains who have ideas to die for.

Being a very popular reality show, the Dragons’ Den application process has stringent rules and laws that are carefully adhered to before the aspirants who fill the Dragons’ Den application forms can get through the initial screening process. Dragons’ Den application forms have questions that test the viability and market value of the products that are pitched for and to estimate if the investment request from the entrepreneurs matches the standards of their products.

Dragons’ Den Application

How can I apply?

The Dragons’ Den application process is very simple. Dragons’ Den application forms can be downloaded from the BBC website http://www.bbc.co.uk/dragonsden/apply/. The Dragons’ Den Application can be send through emails too.

The form requires you to fill in personal and professional particulars apart from regular fields. Anyone who requires a unique product or an exquisite idea to be funded is free to fill up the Dragons’ Den application form.

Dragons’ Den Application Form Particulars

Product or Idea Description

The Dragons’ Den application form has clear cut fields where you have to describe your idea or product that you plan to pitch for, in one line. A brief and clear description of your product should be put forward for the judging committee to make a first and lasting impression. It would be a good idea to plan ahead while you put your ideas into words in the Dragons’ Den application.

Business Information

The name of the business or the company that you run has to be mentioned in the Dragons’ Den application. Applications that do not have a business or company to project in the Dragons’ Den application do not stand a chance to get selected for the programme. However, Dragons’ Den Applications made by people who do not have a brick and mortar office to work from, but still sell inventive ideas and products from the comforts of their home do get selected for their business acumen and product innovation.

Investment Amount

The Dragons’ Den application form should clearly state the investment amount that you have worked out for your product or idea to hit the market. Care has to be exercised before stating the investment amount that you require from the Dragons. The investors that are present in the show are established businessmen and hence over evaluation of the product could me met with rejection at the screening process itself. A judicious and careful planning has to be done before stating the investment amount in the Dragons’ Den application. A worthy idea, a convincing investment plan and the right pitch would take you to victory!

Percentage Share

Just as important as the investment amount is the percentage that you plan to share with the investors, in exchange of the investment amount funded by them. The percentage share stated in the Dragons’ Den application should be realistic and not a disappointment the investors. Always make sure that the percentage that you plan to share is proportional to the investment amount.

A percentage that is too less would get rejected immediately. It is also advised to assess that your percentage share does not go overboard as this would not help you in the long run.

Executive Summary

Here’s your chance to elaborate on the product or idea that you have devised. This section of the Dragons’ Den application requires you to give a comprehensive view of your product. The outline has to be clear and should state the areas that your idea can be applied to and the problems that your idea can solve. A Dragons’ Den application should clearly state details of any copyright or patent protection that you have applied for. Details pertaining to testing and prototyping should be included in the Dragons’ Den application. Any other additional information regarding your product or idea that you deem fit for can be added in this section of the form.

Business Plan- Dragons’ Den application with a clear business plan has a greater chance of clearing the first selection stage. Therefore, it is important to draw out a detailed business plan to apply for the programme.

Personal Information- Personal information in a Dragons’ Den application refers to any information that is important and would interest the judging panel. It could be an

achievement, award, previous inventions, and ideas etc that have been appreciated by other reality shows or employers.

Apart from all these vital mandatory fields that are required to arrive at a consensus by the judging committee, a Dragons’ Den application also contains fields for assessing the publicity and popularity of the show. Details about how and where you have heard about the show and whether you have participated in any other shows before would be asked at the time of application.

Dragons’ Den application requires you to give details of any criminal convictions and to give permission for BBC to do a Criminal Record Bureau check in order to verify your claims if necessary. Any details of bankruptcy or disqualification from becoming the director of any company should be furnished.

For monitoring purposes, BBC requires you to also furnish details about your ethnic origin. BBC believes in giving equal opportunity to everyone without any bias towards race, creed, gender, ethnicity, disability, marital status, age or colour.

The Dragons’ Den application form is easy to understand and straightforward. However, before filling the Dragons’ Den application form, it is advised to have an unbiased review of the product for its marketability and worth. Dragons’ Den applications deemed unworthy will immediately be rejected by their screening experts. The selection criteria for Dragons’ Den application forms remain unbiased and hence each and every application is considered very carefully before taking a decision. Good Luck!