Dragons’ Den Failures

Dragons’ Den Failures

Reality television shows are the order of the day! With major channels vying with each other to capture the market share, it’s only natural that each channel strives to offer the best to their viewers.

Dragons’ Den is a very popular reality television series in the BBC and also the longest. The show brings before the viewers, entrepreneurs who are struggling to get funding for their creative ideas and products, all for a percentage of stake in their company.

Dragons’ Den failures are as popular as the successes and are watched with nail biting nervousness by the viewers. The Dragons’ den failures that went on to become huge successes, proving the investors wrong are charted here for the amusement of the readers.

The Luggage Story

Dragons’ Den failures need not always be failures. One can very well turn the wheels of luck to one’s favour with grit and determination. Rob Law is the classic example of one of the Dragons’ Den failures turned into successes. Rob law was humiliated by Dragon Theo Paphitis when he pulled out one of the straps from his luggage bag for kids, Trunki that helps kids to carry books, toys, clothes etc while travelling. He was stamped as one of the Dragons’ Den failures and sent on his way back home. Not one to be put off easily, Rob re-designed his bag, correcting the flaws and has hence sold 120,000 bags globally. Toast a Cup-A-Wine Over This Success

Dragons’ Den failures don’t see it as the end of the world! James Nash surely belongs to this genre. He dreamt, and dreamt big! Nash’s pitch for a plastic glass filled with French wine and a tear off lid actually proved very convenient for a compulsive wine drinker out on the road without a corkscrew of a glass to supplement his drinking spree. But some beg to differ!

Nash’s pitch for £ 250,000 for a 25% stake in his company, wine innovations ltd. did not prove convincing to the investors after harsh grilling. Duncan Bannatyne dismissed it saying that people don’t want wine in glasses with seals on top. Another one of Dragons’ Den failures? Of course, he would have been if Marks and Spencer hadn’t come to his rescue by placing orders for 187 ml glasses of Chardonnay, Le Froglet Rose or Shiraz. Nash is now struggling to keep up with the huge demand for Dragons’ Den failures product, a Cup-a-wine!

A Cabby’s Plan Rejected

Dragons’ Den failures could be tasting sweet success with their own strong will and efforts. One of the Dragons’ Den failures, Rachel Lowe, a taxi driver by profession designed a board game featuring taxi drivers touring around the city, visiting tourist spots, collecting fares and avoiding traffic hurdles. The winner collects the maximum fares. Lowe met with insensitive grilling as she struggled with figures and marketing strategies. Her business plan was snatched away by the producers before the show, leaving Rachel high and dry. But Dragons’ Den failures need not always be disheartened. Rachel went ahead and got her product advertised by popular banners. Destination London is the number one board game in Hamleys, beating even Monopoly whose owner has gone scurrying back to make another version to sustain his toy. Dragons’ Den failures inspire us to try, try and try till you succeed!

Chocpix-Sweet Success

Frank Lia, one of the Dragons’ Den failures proved unmistakably that he is made of finer material! Lia pitched his idea to the investors and got rejected. But Lia literally had a comic relief when a deal was agreed with Comic Relief to supply a chocolate that unearths a 3D picture when held against the light. With eight million Chocpix chocolate squares in circulation Frank Lia’s sweet success has an extra scoop of sugar and honey to make it a unique combination worthy of praise. Dragons’ Den failures turned successes worthy of praise!

Tangle Tweezer- Every woman’s delight…

Tweezers are a must- have in every woman’s purse. A Tangle Tweezer sounds better? One of the Dragons’ Den failures, Shaun Pulfrey, could not get funding from the investors for his tweezers that can smoothen tangled hair. Now he stands tall with a cool turnover of £ 800,000 and a profit for £ 200,000 which he expects to reach 1.5 m in the coming year. Pulfrey is one of those Dragons’ Den failures who smoothened his tangled hair and made a huge profit out of it too!

An Inflated Success

Not everyone has the nerve to reject an offer of £200,000 made by the dragons for a stake in his company. Not one of those conventional Dragons’ Den failures, James Halliburton managed to bring light to his world with his Illoom balloons that sold five million within a year. A balloon that is fitted with an LCD shines when inflated. Illoom balloons have become very popular as a Halloween product. Some Dragons’ Den failures are born to rule the world!

Dog Bowl Hits the Market

Natalie Ellis may have been one of the Dragons’ Den failures at Dragons’ Den. But she never lost her life despite all the odds. A stroke survivor, Natalie’s non – spill dog bowl which she wanted to export to America asked for £ 120,000 which was rejected by the dragons on reasons that British business don’t thrive in America. Dragons’ Den failures can surely benefit through viewers support. Natalie pocketed a significant £60,000 profit from her road refresher water bowl which prevents the contents from spilling while on a car journey.

Itsa Beach Bag

The Itsa beach bag is one of the Dragons’ Den failures. Its creators David and Sarah Glashan were doomed as Dragons’ Den failures when they presented their invention, a beach bag that doubles up as a sun lounger cover with integrated pockets for storing valuable and other things. They pitched for £250,000 for a 20% stake in their company which was rejected by the dragons on the grounds that it was their own version of the product. Itsa proved that it was not one of the Dragons’ Den failures, but a success all throughout with big companies trying to copy the concept of one of the big Dragons’ Den failures Itsa. The makers went on to sell 65,000 pieces and hope to make £2.5 this year.

Many Dragons’ Den failures proved their mettle by working hard and believing in what they believe as their dream venture. More evidence that a Dragons’ DE failure need not always be a failure in life!