Dragons’ Den Presenter

Dragons’ Den Presenter

Dragons’ Den has been one of the most successful reality TV show series in Britain ever since it first aired 6 years back. The show is based on a show of the same name originally aired in Japan. Dragons’ Den has had many versions of the show in different countries around the globe. Dragons’ Den provides a platform to all those budding enterprisers, who want to make it big in the enterprising world with their unique business concept, however lag the finances to take their idea to the next level.

The participants participate in Dragons’ Den and pitch about their unique business concept to the ‘dragons’ that are multi millionaire venture capitalists on the show, looking for the right investment opportunity themselves. Before pitching on the Dragons’ Den, the contestants have to let the ‘dragons’ know about the investment sum they are seeking from them as well as the equity percentage they are ready to offer in return for the same. The aim of the show is securing the investment amount that they had asked for in the least, from either one or more panel members at the Dragons’ Den. If the participants fail to secure the total sum asked for, then they would have to leave Dragons’ Den with no investment. The judges’ team at the Dragons’ Den is made up of five very powerful and successful entrepreneurs who have loads of experience backing them. 

It’s always advisable, before entering Dragons’ Den with you business concept, to do a proper and thorough homework and study of your business plan, because the ‘dragons’ at the Dragons’ Den are not ordinary people; if they plan on investing in your business idea, they need to know how successful would it be in the market and who the consumers will be as well as the realistic figures of the business in the future.

Dragons’ Den has been presented by Evan Harold Davis, who is a journalist and an economist in Britain. Dragon’ Den presenter replaced Peter Jay in 2001 to be an economics editor with BBC. He quit his job as an economics editor in the year 2008 and became a presenter on one of the radio programs on BBC Radio. Evan is Dragons’ Den presenter as well as a presenter for another business based show on TV in Britain.

This Dragons’ Den presenter was raised in Surrey. Evans studied Economics, Politics and Philosophy from the year 1981 to 1984 at the St John’s College in Oxford and later on he got his MPA at the Harvard University. When this Dragons’ Den presenter was studying at the Oxford University, Evan was the editor of students’ newspaper at his college.

Evan Davis, the Dragons’ Den presenter worked at the Fiscal Studies Institute as an economist and when he was working there, he also helped in the work of the officials on development of the system Poll Tax. Evan, the Dragons’ Den presenter went to the London Business School in the year 1988 and he wrote for their publication.

In the year 1993, this Dragons’ Den presenter entered BBC and worked as a correspondent of economics with them. Evans worked with them as an economics editor for a program on their channel from the year 1997 till 2001. Around the mid 90’s, this Dragons’ Den presenter was also an Advisory Council member at Social Market Foundation. Evan is also an American-British successor generation project member.

When this Dragons’ Den presenter was an economics editor at BBC, he was also taking care of analysing and reporting the development in economy on many programs on television and over the radio. Davis, the Dragons’ Den presenter also played a part defining the wide reporting of economics on BBC through out the outputs of the corporation, including online.

Evan Davis, Dragons’ Den presenter, also blogged for the website of BBC where he made an attempt to know the actual world, with the economics tool kit. The subjects that this Dragons’ Den presenter discussed in the blog included caring for the old people, road pricing, and budget as well as choosing wine. The Dragons’ Den presenter has won many awards for him self which includes the Journalist of the Year Award by the Work Foundation in the year 2003, 2001 and 1998. This Dragons’ Den presenter also won the award for being the year’s best business broadcaster by Harold Wincott in the year 2002. The Dragons’ Den presenter was placed first in 2008 in the ‘pink list’ of Independent on Sunday as one of the top 100 most influential lesbian and gay people in Britain.

The Dragons’ Den presenter, Evan Davis was a few of the staff at BBC who cut though the strike sentry lines in the year 2005. The staff at BBC was on strike because of the job cutes. The Dragons’ Den presenter is known for breaking the BBC strike in 2010 November, when he came at noon to deliver his program, along with Sarah Montague, his fellow presenter at the show, which meant, he did not cross the picket line technically, as the both of them had arrived at the location before the union of strike was formed.

Davis, Dragons’ Den presenter, presented the program called the ‘Today’s Programme’ in the summer of 2007 for 2 weeks. In the year 2008, in the month of April, this Dragons’ Den presenter left his job as the economics editor at BBC and took the job as a full-time host and presenter at ‘Today Programme’, replacing the prior host, Carolyn Quinn. Evan Davies says that one of the greatest things about hosting a program over the radio is the fact that you can always search up for things on the internet while being live on air.

This presenter of Dragons’ Den published his book in 1998, called ‘Public Spending’, and he also is the joint author of New Penguin Dictionary Of Business and Dictionary Of Economics by Penguin.

He has been a successful Dragons’ Den presenter for all the seasons over the six year period.