Gener8: Dragons’ Den Successful Product that Helps Users Regain Control of Their Data While Earning Rewards

Gener8: Dragons' Den Successful Product that Helps Users Regain Control of Their Data While Earning Rewards

What is Dragons’ Den Gener8?

Internet giants like Google earn billions of revenue from exploiting users’ data. These big tech companies track our online interactions and activities and sell the information to third parties. Still, the users get little in return. While certain people are comfortable with this practice, others express concern regarding their data exploitation. To solve this, Sam Jones introduced Gener8, which lets individuals regain control over their online data.

The browser prevents all websites from tracking user data or allows them to access people’s data in exchange for rewards and incentives. Sam aims to give users the power of data ownership by making them an affiliate. Moreover, the browser offers enhanced profits and bonuses to publishers as well.

Significance of Dragons’ Den Gener8

Gener8 offers internet users the option to exchange their online activities for rewards or safeguard their data, putting decision-making power in users’ hands. Moreover, with the help of Gener8, publishers can better understand their audience and monetise individuals who otherwise opt for ad blockers.

Gener8 solves a crucial problem that advertisers and tech giants hate to discuss or address. Additionally, the browser lets users select between rewards mode and privacy mode. By activating the rewards mode, Internet users can acquire points each time tech companies use their data. Further, users can exchange these earned points for vouchers, products or donations to charity.

About the Founder of Dragons’ Den Gener8

Sam Jones, the celebrated founder of Gener8, is a well-known serial entrepreneur and prominent TV personality from the UK. The entrepreneur completed his bachelor’s in philosophy from Cardiff University. In 2009, Sam worked at Street Surfing as the national media representative.

In 2011 Jones started his entrepreneurial journey by introducing his first business, ‘212 Promotions’. Interestingly, in 2012, he co-founded the first nightclub ticketing app, Hit The Town. The success of his early companies was short-lived, but his remarkable career at Red Bull wasn’t. The energy drink company hired Sam as a student brand manager, but with hard work and determination, he became the company’s global brand manager.

The Pitch of Gener8 on Dragons’ Den

In April 2021, Sam Jones pitched his innovation, Gener8, on BBC’s Dragons’ Den to ask for a £60k investment for a 10% equity. The free browser allows users to regain control of their data and earn from it. In his pitch, Sam said, “Several tech companies have built profitable industries by exploiting our data. It is an open secret that businesses and advertisers are capitalising on our online presence and taking advantage of us. Multiple companies sell our online data many times, and shockingly, we have never even heard of most of them.” 

He added, “Tech companies track every activity and interaction you do online. Moreover, these firms collect and sell our data to the highest bidder without giving us anything in return.” Sam’s flawless pitch blew away the Dragons, and they immediately saw the potential of Gener8. Moreover, Touker Suleyman defined Sam’s pitch as “one of the best pitches” he had ever seen on Dragons’ Den.

After listening to Sam’s pitch, crafting queen Sara Davies said, “I am out because of lack of expertise in the tech sector.” The other four dragons, Deborah Meaden, Touker Suleyman, Peter Jones, and Tej Lalvani, entered a fierce battle to invest in Gener8. Interestingly, each Dragon was so impressed by Gener8 that they all willingly offered the exact money Sam had requested. However, Touker went the extra mile and sweetened the deal by offering free office space with his investment, making his offer even more enticing. After thinking for a while, Sam accepted the joint proposal from Peter Jones and Touker Suleyman, who paired up to invest £60k in Gener8 for a 10% equity.

What Happened to Gener8 after Dragons’ Den?

After Gener8 appeared on Dragons’ Den, the web browser witnessed a massive increase in website traffic. According to Sam, after the show aired on BBC, more than 1.5m users visited their website, and over 500k individuals downloaded the application. Interestingly, in mid-2021, users downloaded the Gener8 app every ten seconds.

To secure your data or earn rewards from your data, you can also download the plugin from their website, Moreover, Android and iOS users can download the mobile application of Gener8 from the app store. On the Google Play Store, it boasts an impressive average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 from 797 votes. Additionally, he recently received the Disrupter of the Year at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

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As of 2023, the net worth of Gener8 is £10m. Moreover, the app and browser have 600k active users, with an impressive count of six million site visitors. The privacy-centric platform has received investments from celebrities, including Chris Gayle, Tinie Tempah, Tej Lalvani and Harry Redknapp. Gener8 generates an estimated annual revenue of £1m and currently holds a valuation of £10m.

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