Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den – The Spoof You’d Never Forget

Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den – The Spoof You’d Never Forget

If you are business freak and also a diehard enthusiast of parody, you can perhaps check out what’s happening at Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den spoof – a parody on Dragons’ Den. Dragons’ Den is a chat show where entrepreneurs from different fields were allowed to showcase their entrepreneual skills, workmanship, and executive prowess to a panel of five judges. These judges were basically well-to-do investors who would ultimately invest in the contestant’s business. These five judges, known as the dragons, would also confer the show title to the winner.

Now, Harry Enfield, being one of the parody experts, showcased a spoof on the “dragons” in his equally well-off show, Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den. What might be hilarious for spectators, viewers, and others in the business field, may not be the same for those greatly involved with Dragons’ Den. The controversial Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den, the intense review of the entire show has given it a good coverage.

When Evan Davis hosted Dragons’ Den in 2005, no one could imagine how well it would encourage business people to boost their entrepreneual thoughts and foresight. With eliminations on the cards, each contestant and judge would do their best job before going “out” from the discussion. The interactions between the “Dragons” and the contestants were the most interesting part of the show. Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den created a sketch show on this phase.

Soon after Evan’s show won the BAFTA awards, Dragons’ Den became the cynosure for all. Taking advantage of its growing popularity, comedy star Henry started the famous Henry Enfield’s Television Program – a program highlighting the spoof of different programs, characters, and incidents happening in the world.

Henry along with Paul Whitehouse took the spoof program to great heights during the session that they were aired in BBC channel. Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den is referred in the second series where the comedy duo enacts to dictators from the Soviet Union. The dictators are seen examining a parade – just like the Dragons – in the Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den. Dressed as aged dictators, the sullenly review the parade. The sarcastic reference in Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den cannot be denied as the heroes of the show are seen collecting awards – one of which is BAFTA.

Why did Henry dress up as an old man? – was it to give a terse sardonic reference to Deborah during the Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den show? Henry however, points out that he and Paul are two old comedy partners who have lost touch with the trendy youngsters of the age.

At a coveted slot in BBC, Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den was aired that showed the spoof of Dragons’ Den chat show. It is interesting to note that Harry’s parody on Deborah Meaden – one of the Dragons – became a talk of the land. Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den spoofed four Dragons in the second series of the show. As a grouchy old woman, Harry parodied Deborah while Paphitis was projected as Theo Profiterole, Duncan became Duncan Guillotine, and Peter Jones was represented by John Lewis.

Similar to a scene in the Victorian age, Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den highlighted the absurd business ideas of some of the contestants and how they were ridiculed by the Dragons. Even the host Evan Davis was not left alone in the Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den.

In the third series of Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den, the fifth Dragon is also parodied by the two Victorian dictators. However, the original spoof characters of Harry Enfield Dragons remain the same. The spoof show has no doubt been successful as the comedy duo received accolades from majority of the viewers who watched the show.

Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den is one of the interesting character-based skits which highlighted characters rather than events. It was after a decade or so that such character –based show became a hit among the viewers. Apart from Harry, Paul too got a good applause for his hard work in the series, Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den. His career got a tremendous fillip after the show.

Even though both Harry and Paul won good rewards for their serious acting in spoof comedy, they are still undecided on whether to continue with Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den series. Have they gone too far in their parody? Is the spoof still an attractive topic today? And, even if all proved positive, why would the two experienced comedians stick on to the television shows, like Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den only?

However, Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den has done its job in sending out a message to the viewers – that, Dragons’ Den has scope for improvement. Taking cue on the growing popularity of Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den and the acknowledgement of the farcical judgment of the judges, BBC channel has decided to bring new faces in Dragons’ Den. In short, BBC does not want further damage to its reputation just because of immature outlook of the judges at Dragons’ Den.

Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den is a parody with farcical elements. The two characters in the show have introduced a new month, bid for an excessive amount, and scathingly criticized the Dragons. The sketch series, Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den offers fun and entertainment to its viewers with its terse remarks and projections on Dragons’ Den. Although Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den taunts Deborah, it cannot be denied that the gracious lady is a successful business woman today. As she readily points out that many may criticize her on her physical appearance, projections, and mannerisms. But, none would be able to cast aspersions on her integrity and business ethics.

Today, Deborah is multimillionaire. She is still one of the business women many seek to find a solution to their business issues or simply get to know the business better. For a woman who still commands a good respect from a large section of the people. Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den can be a little too harsh.

Harry can easily feel the pulse of the viewers. In recent times, the characters for spoof have shifted to others in the Dragons’ Den. Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den is now for instance, choosing other characters to bring a fresh stint in the series. In short, for comedy shows like this – which minces no words to show its resentment on the show – changes are a must. Harry Enfield Dragons’ Den is one such show which should ideally remain in the state of flux to rope in new ideas and thoughts.