James Caan at Dragons’ Den

James Caan at Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is a famous TV program series that aired in the UK in 2004 for the first time and since then had enjoyed eight successful series. It’s been adapted from a program of the same name that originally aired in Japan and later on many countries came up with their own versions of Dragons’ Den. This is a show where entrepreneurs participate and pitch in the unique business idea to the panel or the ‘dragons’, who are multi millionaire people with a super rich fortune and a vast experience in the field, who are looking for some great business opportunities to invest. The participants pitch a three minute presentation to the ‘dragons’ at the Dragons’ Den about their business idea. The entrepreneurs come at Dragons’ Den to secure an investment amount from the ‘dragons’, which they had asked for, before the show, and failing to secure at least that minimum amount results in their elimination from the show.

What make Dragons’ Den so popular and a success is the fact that it is a reality based show. The ‘dragons’ are open to investing in callow businesses. The rules at Dragons’ Den are quiet straight forward and simple: the enterpriser should tell the amount he/she is seeking for investment and must be able to secure that amount from either one or more ‘dragons’ at the show.

The Dragons’ Den has a panel of five expert and wealthy ‘dragons’ who are in the look out for a unique business opportunity. James Caan was one of the popular ‘dragons’ at the show, who joined the panel in the year 2007 and since then has made investments over £1,241,666 in more than 18 different businesses.

With his soft demeanour and a sympathetic smile, James Caan definitely belongs at the Dragons’ Den, along with his other contemporaries. James Caan’s temperate and calm spirit contradicts his sharp business insightfulness and intelligence.

Like many other business tycoons who began their life in humble circumstances, the route of Dragons’ Den’s James Caan to his success in the enterprising world too is not an exception. Dragons’ Den’s James Caan was born in Lahore, Pakistan as Nazim Khan. His sibling and parents settled in East London finally in the year 1962. James Caan left schooling at a tender age of sixteen and later on moving out of his dad’s business of leather jacket making, he went after the world of entrepreneurship, when he finally found his base in recruitment.

James Caan of Dragons’ Den became the co-chairman of the company Ethnic Minority Business Taskforce in the year 2007, because of this love for enterprising start-ups and liking in cultural minority business. James Caan of Dragons’ Den became Big Issue Magazines chairman in the year 2009.

In all his endeavours, Dragons’ Den’s James Caan has exhibited his willingness to fuse his enterprising talent with love to see economy’s future growth by giving better incentives and options to the start up organizations.

Dragons’ Den’s James Caan also has put his desire to use, to look for opportunities for underprivileged and deprived lot in his promotion of human welfare. Dragons’ Den’s James Caan chairs, advices and supports many causes in UK as well as oversees that resulted in the successful launch of his foundation under his name. The James Caan Foundation offers aid to Pakistan and UK. Post the floods that caused a huge amount of destruction in Pakistan, Dragons’ Den’s James Caan visited the country along with his foundation.

James Caan entered the Dragons’ Den in the year 2007 and ever since he has made a lot of successful investments in various businesses, across various sectors. In just the very first month of investment by James Caan, two companies, Rapstrap and Chocobox totalled more than £30m in terms of international deals.

Though James Caan may come across as a person who is keen in listening to what the entrepreneurs say, he also is in fact one of the first ones to announce his self out of an opportunity if a factor or an element does not match up to his expectations. Dragons’ Den’s James Caan understands his thinking procedure. Dragons’ Den’s James Caan is a spry person and if he can see any potency for good returns in an investment opportunity, his knowledge of taking the concept to a higher level provides him the confidence and assurance for taking up any challenge.

On his website, Dragons’ Den’s James Caan writes his secrets to procuring an investment from the panel at Dragons’ Den. James Caan’s pointers affirm his persona at Dragons’ Den, like his consistence in enquiring about the company’s basic finances.

In one of the episodes of Dragons’ Den in series eight, a man called Dennis Fuller wanted an investment in a company, which would produce repair forks for golf pitches and the company name was Golfers’ Mate. Post the usual enquiry and ‘dragons’ drilling rounds, Dennis though he probably did not have any chance of securing any investment from any judge at Dragons’ Den. In the end, before James Caan had his say, it looked as if James Caan at Dragons’ Den saw an opportunity which probably the other ‘dragons’ failed to see and with Fuller’s demonstration, he James Caan knew that this business venture had a selling point and along with advertisement interest from a few big organizations, James Caan negotiated this deal very comfortably.

Dragons’ Den’s James Caan is a person from whom a lot can be gained and learned, especially for an aspiring entrepreneur, with an extra ordinary business concept. Dragons’ Den’s James Caan says that to make millions, there is unfortunately no secret formula. He says that successful businesses are 95% execution and 5% concept, thus there is no alternative to hard work. One Dragons’ Den, James Caan once said: ‘Observe the world carefully and do exactly the opposite of it. Look for chances and opportunities always, where there is a benefit to both the parties’. This valuable advice was once offered to James Caan by his dad, and no doubt, following his father’s advice, James Caan has managed to create an extremely well and successful life for himself.