Jim Treliving at Dragons’ Den

Jim Treliving at Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is a famous series of a TV show aired in the UK, which is an adaptation of a show of the same name, which was originally aired in Japan. Dragons’ Den later on had its own adaptation of the show in many other countries world wide. Dragons’ Den is based on a financial concept. Entrepreneurs who think have a unique business idea or a concept participate in Dragons’ Den and pitch a three minute presentation to the five panel members, also otherwise known as the ‘dragons’, to secure an investment for their business idea in return for a stake in the equity and profits of the company.

The ‘dragons’ at the Dragons’ Den are venture capitalists with a rich fortune and years of knowledge and experience backing them and look for the best idea and opportunity where they can invest their money into. Before the show, the participants at Dragons’ Den are asked about the investment amount they are seeking to secure, and post their pitch, the idea is to obtain a minimum of the investment amount they had asked for earlier, from either one or more ‘dragons’ at the Dragons’ Den, as failing to do so would mean walking out of the show, without getting any investment.

The Dragons’ Den has a panel or five very experienced and wealthy ‘dragons’ who hear the pitches, throw questions at the participants, examine the opportunity and if they are pleased with the idea, then invest in it. Dragons’ Den aired in the year 2004 for the first time and has had eight very successful series since then. Jim Treliving was one of the popular, wealthy and knowledgeable ‘dragons’ at the show, who joined Dragons’ Den when it started, i.e. in the year 2004 and continued his journey on the show till the end of the sixth series.

Dragons’ Den Jim Treliving was just an average guy, like the rest of us who discovered something he really loved; his passion and just went for it. Dragons’ Den Jim Treliving though does regret the thought of not starting his own business at an early age, he still is pleased and satisfied with all what he had achieved with his chain of restaurants called ‘Boston Pizza’, since the day he took it over. Dragons’ Den Jim Treliving is a known, successful and a rich Canadian investor and enterpriser, and has been in this field for more than forty years.

Dragons’ Den Jim Treliving is al living example for everybody that one needs to have an open and receptive mind, always, because destiny is out there, and can be quietly waiting for us when we might expect it in the least. For Dragons’ Den Jim Treliving, entrepreneurship came alive the day he ate his pizza bite at the Boston Spaghetti and Pizza House, located in Edmonton in Canada. Post reviewing all the funds and later persuading his dad to co-sign a loan with him, Dragons’ Den Jim Treliving dealt in his job security and badge and took over the franchise of Boston Pizza.

Dragons’ Den Jim Treliving hails from a little town called Virden in Manitoba. After opening more than 350 restaurants of Boston Pizza, Dragons’ Den Jim Treliving now is the owner and chairman of Boston Pizza International Inc., which is the top dining brand in the casual category in Canada, which has operations spread in 3 countries with an annual sale of about $1 billion. A few people may think that the purchasing of this franchise as a gamble and a hasty decision, however, Dragons’ Den Jim Treliving knew about the company as well as liked all that he was seeing. Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving stayed diligent and focused and pretty soon his accountant and himself, they bought the whole company. Right from the start, the motto of Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving has been: “You ought to think like a client and step in to their shoes, deliver extra ordinary value for food and as well as closely work with your associates and partners.”

Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving has been living his food dream ever since and even has plans for expansion all over Canada, Mexico and the United States, as well as grabbing markets in Asia, Australia and the United Kingdom. Despite the size of the company, Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving takes the camaraderie theme forward, which is a very strong character of the culture of law enforcement. Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving ensures that whenever he visits the restaurants, he thanks the staff and workers for their hard work and to promote their feedbacks and ideas.

With Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving and his accountant and partner George leading Boston Pizza, this chain of restaurants has been recognized systematically as one of the fifty best handled private organizations in Canada.

Apart from the restaurant business, Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving has also done investments in various other prosperous ventures that include sports entertainment and real estate. Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving always makes his investments in people in the first place and believes strongly ‘behind every successful business venture is the hand of a helpful team’. Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving is famous for his positive attitude, excellent business vision and drive force for success.

Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving is the chairman of the Boston Pizza Foundation as well as the Global Entertainment Corp, which have successfully raised $10 million in whole for different charities in Canada since the year 1990.

Despite his general hectic business schedule, philanthropic and social commitments, Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving never slows down and always is in the search for the next big opportunity. Whenever Jim Treliving has a little time to himself to relax or unwind, likes playing golf as well as spending quality time family and friends at any one of his residences in Vancouver, Palm Springs or Dallas.

Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving also makes investments in various other ventures in oil and gas sector, real estate and sports industry. Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving has a keen eye for opportunities in investments. Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving advices entrepreneurs to create a clear and crisp business plan which can survive any economic change. Dragons’ Den’s Jim Treliving made many successful investments while on the show Dragons’ Den. He definitely has a unique personality and an aura which makes him look out for more and better each time.