Kirsty Henshaw at Dragons’ Den

Kirsty Henshaw at Dragons’ Den

Reality TV has created many winners and losers. The huge popularity of reality television stems not just from the fact that it is financially benefitting to the winners, but also because of the fact the even losers get the opportunity to turn their losses into wins due to the publicity that these programmes offer. Here’s the story of Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw who enthralled the dragons with her determination to succeed for the sake of her son. Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw walked away with £65,000 for a 30% stake in her company, Worthenshaws.

Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s Story

Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s story begins with her son who had a nut allergy that was life threatening. Jacob’s intolerance to cow’s milk and lactose too made matters difficult as Kirsty has to check the ingredients list of everything that the kid fancied. A doting mother, Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw dropped out of her sports therapy classes and tried her hand at desert making which her son could eat without worrying.

Here started Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s series of business successes. The young mother at first found it difficult to make her deserts with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry taste nice. But as time passed, Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s ice creams started tasting better and better. The fact that her son started eating them bears testimony to her hard work!

Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw takes the help of local ice cream maker and improved her recipe each time. Her big break came when Tesco offered to stock Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s ice creams. Kirsty had saved £14,000 from her part time job. Her inability to shell out more for her dream prompted Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw to participate in Dragons’ Den.

Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw at Dragons’ Den

At Dragons’ Den, Kirsty’s story and determination created moments of emotion with the Dragons as well as the viewers. The panel consisting of Deborah Meaden and James Caan among others heard Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw pitch for her frozen desserts made at her very own tiny kitchen, Worthenshaws.

Kirsty did not take her participation at Dragons’ Den lightly. With hours of preparation to face the Dragons, she was a master at what she did. Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s pitch was welcomed by the Dragons’, but not without cross questioning. Theo could successfully extract the name of the super market that she was tied up with for her product release. To James Caan’s inquiry about her first year forecast, Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw had very realistic figures to project.

Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s background and entrepreneurship impressed the dragons. Dragon Theo offered her £ 100,000 for a 40% stake. Deborah and James back out. However Peter Jones, reminded of his success with Levi Roots, offers £ 65,000 for 25% stake. Duncan too offers the same deal. Dragons’ Den Kirsty is now torn between the two worthy entrepreneurs. Duncan and Peter offer a joint investment of £ 65,000 for a 30% stake.

Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s Emotional Moments

Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw had her share of emotional rides at the Dragons’ Den. There was a point where she could not control her tears and cried on for almost 20 minutes! Obviously she was not prepared to meet the Dragons’ who were extremely nice to her. Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw really struggled with two jobs to save for her dream project. Starting her venture from her very own kitchen and holding on for her son’s happiness is what won Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw appreciation and acceptance from the Dragons. Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw admits that it was a nerve racking a surreal experience for her to walk into the den. But her day was made when she was showered with compliments all along the show. Her four year old son is cited as the inspiration for all of Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s success. All the questions asked by the dragons were answered with conviction by Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw. She had been handling her business from head to toe, all on her own and knows her product inside out.

Ever since her success in the show, Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw has been working in tandem with Peter Jones. A licensing agreement has already been signed with R & R Ice-cream ltd. for manufacture and distribution of her ice cream range. With two dragons by her side, Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw is all set to launch her ice creams into the market. Peter Jones takes care of her investment. Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s ice creams are all set for a new brand image. With a new brand name ‘Freedom’ the ice creams will be stocked in all major super Markets. For Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw, it’s all a dream world. For someone who has been independently handling every aspect of her business, Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw finds it strange that she can delegate some of her hard work.

Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw now dares to dream ahead! Now that opportunity has knocked at her door, she plans to make the best use of her resources and support. Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw vows to work incredibly hard to make the brand a success.

At Dragons’ Den, Peter Jones, the Dragon vouches for Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s enthusiasm and spirit which according to him is essential in today’s world. With the support of her investors, Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw will surely climb ladders of success making her dream a big reality, all for the sake of her son.

Peter Jones testifies for Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s ice cream range. He has tested the ice cream range with his kids. The fact that they showed the green flag on Dragons’ Den Kirsty Henshaw’s ice cream range speaks volumes about the quality and likability of the product.

Kirsty Henshaw is just one of the lucky few who had the good luck to get support and help from the investors. Dragons Den has many a success story to tell along with some heart wrenching Dragons’ Den failures that turned their luck to huge successes with grit and unfailing determination.