Magic Pizza dragons den

Significance of the Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den story:

The Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den story is really popular. Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den is a very good way of inspiring oneself to go for a good business idea. If you are a budding entrepreneur and have one or more excellent business ideas that you think can really reap profits, you should try looking for potential investors. Just having a good idea is not enough. If you are serious about a business concept, you will need to invest a lot of money in order to launch it properly. It does not matter whether your business idea is based on a certain new product or some kind of services; every type of business needs some capital. You can use your own money, but, unless you are really rich (which is a rather rare scenario), it is not going to be enough. At the most you can use your savings to create a prototype or a business model. If you want the business to work, you will have to look for venture capitalists. The best way to get funding for your idea is going to the Dragons’ Den.

Theme of the TV show that aired the Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den episode:

Dragons’ Den is a very popular UK TV show that airs on BBC2 and is hosted by Evan Davis. The main theme of the show is providing finances to different entrepreneurs. Numerous people who have good business ideas take part in the show. All participants have to specify clearly exactly what amount of money they need to launch their business. They have to present their ideas to 5 experienced business hot shots. These 5 people are called the Dragons. If a certain entrepreneur impresses the Dragons, he or she gets the funding in exchange of shares of the company. Thus, in this show, new businesses are promoted and funded on a basis of private equity. People who take part in this show can already have started their businesses but need more money to help the business reach its full potential.

How can you have a ‘Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den’ like story too?

Different types of people from all walks of life pitch their ideas to the investors in each episode of the Dragons’ Den. A lot of opportunities are available and if an idea is good enough, it is sure to get invested in. If a particular entrepreneur does not get the amount of money he had originally wanted, he or she cannot get any lesser amount. Thus, if a Dragon wants to provide a certain amount that is lesser than the amount that the entrepreneur had asked for, the entrepreneur cannot accept the funding. If the investors are really impressed with a particular idea, the respective participant can be given quite a few offers. He can choose any of the offers. It might so happen that more than one or even all 5 of the investors want to be a part of the business. The entrepreneur can negotiate and can take any of the offers. He can even choose to leave without going for any of the offers if he feels that the terms and conditions are not suitable.

Get inspired by the Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den success story:

Also, the investors might not want to give the entire amount as requested by the entrepreneur. In such a case, two or more different investors can invest in the same idea. This can be really great for any new business. Dragons’ Den does not just provide money for businesses; it is also a really big platform for you to get noticed by the world. The magic pizza Dragons’ Den story is a really good example of how this show can change your life. Ray Smith had always faced a problem while having pizzas. He regularly found the central area of the pizzas soggy and soft. Being a pizza enthusiast, he hated this so much that he designed the Magic Pizza. The Magic pizza Dragons’ Den episode is one of the most inspiring episodes of this show.

Investors that took the Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den story to a new level:

The Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den accepted is nothing but stainless steel equipment that is shaped in a convex manner. This can be placed under your pizza while heating it. This device ensures that the entire pizza gets heated evenly. 20% more heat is supplied to the middle portion. This improves the taste of the pizza significantly. Ray had already worked on this for 6 years and had started the company at the time he went for the Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den presentation. He wanted money to enhance the business. His presentation was really bad and is considered to be one of the least impressive pitches in the history of this show. Of the 5 investors present on that episode, three rejected the idea almost instantly. But, Peter Jones and Theo Paphitis were hooked to the concept and they wanted to fund it. Their condition was that they wanted 25% equity each. Initially, Ray had only wanted to give 10% of the company, but, he could not resist this lucrative offer and gave away 50% in exchange of 50000 Pounds.

Go for your Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den experience:

Today, the Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den promoted is a big hit and has really boomed as a business. Ray has shown with his Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den experience that any entrepreneur can make it big if the idea is good enough. This show has witnessed many other equally impressive examples like the Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den episode. This show has a really unique format and is perfect for anyone who has a dream and believes that he or she can make a difference. There have been numerous contestants just like in the Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den episode. Some of them have come up with really silly products or ideas and have faced rejection. But, there have been numerous cases like the Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den one, in which different cool ideas have been appreciated and the entrepreneurs have received the funding they had wanted. A good pitch backed with an interesting presentation can surely turn your idea into a Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den story. If you have faith in yourself and in your idea, you can definitely be the next ‘Magic Pizza Dragons’ Den’ like success story.