Sharon Wright at Dragons’ Den

Sharon Wright at Dragons’ Den

Sharon Wright Dragons Den was an interesting one and Sharon was called the ideal entrepreneur for good reasons. She created her company 2 years back and her company has been going strong. Sharon Wright Dragons Den was a part of the BBC’s Dragons’ Den show and was looking for £50,000 against 15% equity of her company.

The most wonderful part of Sharon Wright Dragons Den was that she presented a fresh and original idea which was received well by the 5 Dragons of the Dragons Den. Sharon Wright Dragons Den was successful in giving a good pitch and all the details of her plan was backed exact facts and figures related to the proposal- correct and concise information that the Dragons needed to know.

Sharon Wright Dragons Den was a perfect professional entrepreneur who had all the ideas chalked out and gave a great delivery of her plan, which impressed the Dragons. It is true that Sharon has taken her business to a new level altogether with her fresh ideas and hard work.

She has revealed in Sharon Wright Dragons Den that she works for as long as 18-20 hours a day and at the same time raises a 12 year old daughter. Her company Magnamole, is all about cables that are to be threaded safely between the cavity walls.

She was successful in delivering the most successful pitch in the Sharon Wright Dragons Den which visibly impressed the Dragons. Sharon had also revealed in Sharon Wright Dragons Den how she would manage to save as much as £6.5 million every year from her dealings with the major telecom companies.

Though there were some initial speculations from the Sharon Wright Dragons Den, Duncan claimed that all these were too good to be true and was more amazed when Sharon revealed the profit margin. But for Sharon, being a part of the Sharon Wright Dragons Den was more of taking the company to the next level and also getting some media attention.

However, as quite natural to the Sharon Wright Dragons Den, Peter Jones was first enough to spot some major flaws in the proposal. He mentioned that as the product needs to be purchased only once, it will soon dry up once that is taken care of. But Sharon refuted them strongly and pointed out that her next invention will take the cables down inside the cavity of the walls but, would initially require a purchase of Magnamole to make sure that the entire thing worked. This would ensure a constant demand of the product in the market.

Sharon Wright Dragons Den was an extremely interesting show especially when Sharon admitted that she is a first time entrepreneur and still had the guts to take part in the show. Her level of confidence even made the five Dragons at Sharon Wright Dragons Den take notice and she was vocal enough to express her desire to work with Duncan and James.

Theo was the Dragon who made the first offer to Sharon in the show Sharon Wright Dragons Den. He offered the exact amount that she had asked for; along will the same equity she offered. Both James and Duncan offered Sharon more money than she had asked for but also wanted as much as 25% equity of the business along with £80,000- £30,000 more than what she had asked for.

Peter however gave a different twist to the show and simply walked off the Sharon Wright Dragons Den and Sharon was left to make the toughest decision of her life. She had the options of giving up more of her company and had more money instead.

However she was a tough nut to crack and she negotiated the equity amount from 25% to 22.5%. Sharon Wright Dragons Den is full of drama and crazy ideas along with the showcase of courage and the conviction that people have for the ideas they are promoting. Sharon Wright Dragons Den was finalized for £80,000 and 22.5% of the company’s share.

Sharon was admirably the most professional of the entrepreneurs of the Sharon Wright Dragons Den. She did manage to get a good support for her business Magnamole. Her knowledge, dedication accompanied by her strong business sense was reflected in the Sharon Wright Dragons Den.

The Sharon Wright Dragons Den managed to make the most of the business proposal that was brought forward by the strong business minded lady. Sharon’s magnetic cable threading was extremely popular with the Dragons and all of them wanted to make the most of the offer. It was Sharon’s confidence and great business knowledge that helped her get a better deal than what she came looking for in the Sharon Wright Dragons Den.

Sharon Wright Dragons Den agreed that the show has changed her life for the better and is overwhelmed at the response that she is getting as a result of it. Her business has grown and she has hired new staff post Sharon Wright Dragons Den.

Sharon had always been a gifted salesperson and had experience of working as a sales manager in a UK adhesive firm. Later on she developed her own company Magnamole and it was all about a plastic rod with a very powerful magnetic tip that was a good solution for safer cable installation and then Sharon Wright Dragons Den happened.

Sharon Wright Dragons Den proved beyond doubt that passion and involvement about what you do would make you successful. She stresses on the importance of research and homework to back up all your ideas and plans and this is the key to her success in Sharon Wright Dragons Den.

She agrees that Sharon Wright Dragons Den has given her all the media attention she needed to take her company forward. Today, she agrees that media and networking has become very much part of her business. After tasting success in Sharon Wright Dragons Den she uses the social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to promote her business.

Sharon Wright Dragons Den won the final deal at £ 80, 000 and 22.5% of the company equity stake and thus received more than what she was looking for.