From Rags to Riches: Steven Bartlett’s Inspirational Journey

Steven Bartlett

Steven Cliff Bartlett AKA Steven Bartlett on Dragons Den is a British entrepreneur, speaker, content creator, author, and investor. He is also the host of one of Europe’s biggest podcasts, ‘The Diary of a CEO’.

Bartlett is considered a highly driven and true businessman. The 29-year-old tycoon is also the founder and owner of the social media marketing agency- Social Chain.

Steven Bartlett Net Worth

The current valuation of the company is £454 million. According to Forbes, the valuation of Steven Bartlett was £71 mln at the age of 26.

From being a broke university dropout to becoming a millionaire at the age of 23, Steven is an inspiration for many of us. In March 2021, the entrepreneur published his debut book ‘Happy Sexy Millionaire’, which became a Sunday Times bestseller. In this book, Steven dismantles the most famous and unaddressed lies about happiness. Moreover, Bartlett became the youngest investor in the BBC series Dragons’ Den in 2021. Surprisingly, around a decade ago, Steven applied to be a contestant on the show, but couldn’t succeed in it.

In 2021, Steven introduced two new ventures, Flight Story and Thirdweb. Flight Story is a platform that provides public companies with the individuals, processes and technology they need to create a resilient retail investor community. Additionally, the Thirdweb is a platform that helps the users in building web3 applications easily.

Barlett is also an investor and creative director at Atai Life Sciences – a biopharmaceutical company seeking to transform the treatment of mental health disorders. He is also a board member of Huel- a company that offers nutritional food products. Moreover, Huel is one of the fastest-growing e-commerce businesses in the UK.

Forbes Under 30 list

In 2020, Steven was featured in Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. He also received the British Black Entrepreneur of the year award in 2018.

The entrepreneur has mentioned in several interviews that he is successful because of parental failures. Bartlett was born in Botswana and he grew up in Plymouth, England. He had a difficult childhood experiencing financial struggle, insecurities, racial abuse and attacks. Moreover, the businessman did not excel at school and didn’t care much about his grades. However, Bartlett realised at a very young age that he had other skills.

By age 16, Steven Bartlett was organizing all the school trips in his year group and school parties. Subsequently, he started introducing ideas and businesses on the internet at the age of 17. After completing secondary school, he went to Manchester Metropolitan University to study business management at the age of 18. However, he dropped out the college after just one lecture to pursue his dream to become a businessman.

In 2013, Bartlett founded his first business, Wallpark – an online student messaging platform. The platform intended to connect students with common interests, share incidents and events and even exchange their old textbooks.

Besides this, he organized student events whilst slowly building his network. Soon he realized the power of social media and co-founded Social Chain with Dominic McGregor in 2014.

Social Chain is a popular, award-winning and highly innovative social media marketing agency. With a collective reach of over 200 million users, the venture quickly turned into the fastest growing social media agency in Europe. Moreover, the platform successfully attracted clients such as Apple, McDonald’s, and the BBC within a short period.

Steven Bartlett Podcast

In 2017, Bartlett launched his interview-based podcast series named the Diary of a CEO, where remarkable personalities share their unfiltered stories. This show features both entrepreneurs and celebrities, such as Lee Chambers, Grace Beverley, Ben Francis, Ant Middleton, Rio Ferdinand and Liam Payne.

In 2021, the show became Europe’s most downloaded business podcast. In 2019, the content creator was featured in the Channel 4 series, The Secret Teacher. In the four-part TV series, multi-million businessmen go back to school secretly. In the same year, Social Chain and Lumaland, a German online retailer amalgamated to create ‘The Social Chain AG’. In 2020, Bartlett exited the company to seek opportunities in blockchain and biotech.

Meanwhile, Steven introduced his new venture, Catena Capital in August 2020. The London-based private equity investment start-up helps businesses that make the world a better place. It has investments in artificial intelligence, biotech, social media, and, consumer technology.

In May 2021, it was confirmed that Bartlett, would become the youngest investor on the BBC show Dragons’ Den. The tycoon also received a shout out on Coronation Street- a long-running UK soap opera for his journey. He has 1.9M followers on Instagram and 190.3K followers on Twitter, whom he keeps on motivating through posts and stories. Bartlett considers British music entrepreneur- Jamal Edwards as his biggest inspiration. Jamal Edwards was a DJ and the founder of SBTV.

Bartlett’s journey is an inspiration to all. From students to entrepreneurs, everyone can learn something from Steven Bartlett. We are eagerly waiting to see what the magnate invests in next!