Net Worth of the Richest Entrepreneurs Who Pitched on Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is back with another season, and we just can’t keep calm. Dragons’ Den is a BBC TV programme where budding entrepreneurs pitch their business ideas to successful business tycoons called ‘Dragons’. Generally, when we watch Dragons’ Den, we see Dragons as millionaires. Well, no doubt they are successful millionaires sitting with all their power. Interestingly, some contestants who once pitched their businesses on the Dragons’ Den are now among UK’s most prosperous entrepreneurs. Interestingly, several wealthiest entrepreneurs did not get investments from the Dragons. With that in mind, let’s read the net worth of the richest entrepreneurs who pitched on Dragons’ Den.

James Watt- £262m, Martin Dickie- £228m

According to The Drinks Industry Rich List, BrewDog’s co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie have net worths of £262m and £228m, respectively. James and Martin co-founded BrewDog in 2007.

In 2009, when the brewery and pub chain owners pitched their idea to the Dragons, the business tycoons rejected them. According to the Dragons, the business idea lacked uniqueness and could have been more worthy of investment. Moreover, they said the innovation wouldn’t make any money and become a failed startup.

However, the dragons were wrong because BrewDog is now Europe’s leading Craft Brewing company in the last few years. In 2011, Forbes featured James and Martin in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. Interestingly, the flex is Watt and Dickie are more prosperous than many Dragons!

Rachel Lowe- £96m

Rachel Lowe is another Dragon’s Den reject who has built her empire. The multi-millionaire female entrepreneur is the brains behind the location-based boardgame- Destination London. She pitched her business on Dragons’ Den in 2004 but failed to impress the dragons. 

Rachel established Destination London in 2004. Soon Hamleys introduced the first edition of the board game for Christmas. Destination London became the store’s most-sold game of the year by selling 2,500 copies and outselling the classic game- Monopoly. Currently, 21 variants of the game are available in the stores.

In 2009, Rachel received an MBE for her services and contribution to society and businesses. With a net worth of £96m, Lowe is now wealthier than most Dragons!

Harry and Charlie Thuillier- £85.7m

In 2016, Business partner and brothers Charlie and Harry Thuiller pitched their ice cream company, Oppo Brothers, on BBC’s Dragons’ Den. The duo asked for an investment of £60k for 7% equity. All the dragons felt that the business includes a lot of risks. Moreover, they all questioned the product, asking who would eat unhealthy ice cream. The dragons turned down the deal, thinking the innovation was not worth the investment.

However, pitching their business on Dragons’ Den helped Charlie and Harry advertise Oppo Brothers internationally and tripled their sales. Soon after their appearance on the BBC show, the term ‘Oppo Brothers’ ranked on Google as the UK’s 16th most searched term. At present, the net worth of Harry and Charlie is £85.7m.

Shaun Palfrey – £65m

In 2007, Shaun Palfrey presented his company ‘Tangle Teezer’ on the famous BBC show Dragons’ Den. Tangle Teezer is a renowned hairbrush and haircare brand. Palfrey sought £80K investment for a 15% stake. However, the Dragons stated that investing in the business would be a “waste of time and money”.

All the dragons rejected Shaun’s offer. However, the entrepreneur did not lose hope. Palfrey mortgaged his London apartment and used all his savings to sell his products at Regis, Toni & Guy, and Boots. Soon Tangle Teezer became a leading hairbrush brand with a global customer base. The current net worth of Shaun Palfrey is £65m.

Levi Roots – £35million

In 2007, Levi presented Reggae Reggae, a spicy Barbeque sauce, on the famous BBC programme Dragons’ Den. Levi Roots is an entrepreneur, musician and chef. He thinks if a person combines music with food, the food tastes better, and the music sounds good. Levi is among the most favourite and famous participants on the BBC show. Moreover, Jones and Farleigh accepted Levi’s offer to invest £50k in the Reggae Reggae for a 20% stake.

Currently, Levi’s brand is a leading company selling its products in all the major stores in the UK. The entrepreneur also joined a Caribbean food festival, published various cookbooks,  entered a BBC cooking TV show and launched his music album. At present, the net worth of Levi Roots is £35m.

Today, we discussed the Net Worth of the Richest Entrepreneurs Who Pitched to Dragons’ Den. The net worth of these entrepreneurs shows the power of innovation, hard work, determination, and dedication. These innovators have also proved that new ideas, talent and skills can lead to success. These entrepreneurs’ net worth is impressive, but it is important to note that success is not just about profit or money. Their journey inspires aspiring entrepreneurs and reminds us to take risks, follow our passions, and pursue our dreams.