TanCream- Look Healthy and Stay Healthy with the Ultimate Skincare Solution

TanCream- Look Healthy and Stay Healthy with the Ultimate Skincare Solution

What is TanCream?

Every year, skin cancer causes around 2,000 deaths in the UK. This figure rises to nearly 55,500 deaths across the globe. Everyone knows the risks and dangers of skin cancer, increasing the sale of sunscreens, tan creams and skin protection products over the last few years. 

UVA and UVB rays are the two most dangerous and harmful ultraviolet radiation for unprotected skin. From wrinkles, fine lines and premature ageing to severely burning your skin, these rays can become a big reason for skin cancer. UVA rays can harm your skin even in winter or cloudy seasons. To reduce the risk of premature ageing, wrinkles, fine lines and skin cancer, wear Tan Cream, a personal care brand offering unique sun protection and skin-care lotions. 

TanCream heals every damage that the sun does to your skin. The brand ensures superior sun protection to its customers by including SPF50 and a top-rated 5-star UVA shield. SPF refers to the sun cream’s ability to protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

Significance of TanCream

TanCream is a product of several years of research, experiments and hard work. From luxury moisturiser to gradual self-tan and Instant Bronzer that gives even tone skin, the lotion can be your go-to partner. The high-end premium skincare brand offers odour and streak-free products. TanCream’s dedicated and outstanding team is the real reason for the existence of this innovative product.

Since TanCream includes SPF50, the sunscreen protects the skin from 98% UVB rays. With SPF50, your skin can endure 50 times more sun exposure than unprotected skin. The anti-ageing, anti-oxidant sunscreen even tones the skin and provides a natural glow if you apply it regularly. The moisturiser protects your skin against harmful and deep-penetrating UVA and UVB rays. Moreover, TanCream combines protection from UV rays with a beautiful, bronzing tint.

Who is the Founder of TanCream?

Gillian Robson and Katy Foxcroft introduced Tancream in 2017. The sunscreen brand came into existence when Gillian was diagnosed with skin cancer. She realised that exposure to harmful sun rays could be the reason for her cancer. Moreover, the entrepreneur soon noticed that no skincare products offered sun protection, moisturisation, self-tan and anti-ageing properties in a single pack. So Robson and Foxcroft introduced TanCream to spread awareness about skin cancer and provide personal care products that change people’s perspectives on looking after their skin.

Gillian Robson is the Founder, Director and CEO at TanCream. After becoming successful in modelling careers and travelling Europe to model for different brands and events, Gillian started her entrepreneurial journey in 1988. The entrepreneur always loved the beauty industry and was passionate about creating exciting, new and innovative products.

She started her business, Andre Marcus Professional Salon, in July 1988. She ran the salon for 24 years, during which she became president of the NHF and starred in the movie, ‘Blow Dry’. Gillian loves Fashion, Design and Art. With over 35 years of experience in the beauty industry, the entrepreneur worked with top experts in the beauty and skincare sector to create TanCream.

Katy Foxcroft is the Co-Owner and Director at TanCream. She describes herself as a multitasker, inventor, hurdler, mumpreneur, juggler and optimist. The entrepreneur started her career as a Retail Store manager and then worked as a Customer Services manager. With 26 years of experience as an entrepreneur,  she launched her first company, Weblinks, in 1997. In September 2010, she introduced another business, Own Brand Sales Ltd. Since April 2021, Katy has been an Art Consultant at Whitewall Galleries and Clarendon Fine Art.

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The Pitch of TanCream on Dragons’ Den

The bronzed mumpreneurs entered the Den in August 2019. They presented their sunscreen as a high-end luxury skincare brand. Robson and Foxcroft pitched TanCream to Peter Jones, Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Tej Lalvani and Deborah Meaden. The duo sought an investment of £75k for 10% equity in their business.

Gillian Robson said, “Six years ago, after getting diagnosed with skin cancer, I realised the need for effective sun protection cream that also gives a tan look. Because of my illness, it was important for me to wear sunscreen regularly, but I also loved to have some colour. At this moment, I noticed the niche for a sun protection cream combined with a nice healthy glow”.

After delivering a well-prepared pitch, the Dragons asked burning questions from the mumpreneurs about the product pricing, which they smartly answered. However, the heat increased as Robson and Foxcroft received negative remarks from the Dragons about the poor packaging and the brand’s claims. Lalvani stated, “This sounds completely generic. It is difficult for me to assume that TanCream is a brand.”

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After facing tough questions and negative comments, the duo still convinced the Dragons.  Gillian and Katy left the Den happily after accepting a joint offer from Davies and Suleyman of £75k for a shared 25% share in the business.

Where is Dragons Den TanCream Now?

Tan Cream is the world’s first premium all-in-one sunscreen containing 5-star UV protection, premium SPF50, gradual self-tan, and instant bronzer, offering odour-free moisturised skin. The price of a 100ml bottle of TanCream is £44.95. You can buy TanCream and its other products like Lip Balm, Vanity Bag, and Tanning Mitt from their official website.

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TanCream has received several recognitions and awards, including the Global Business Excellence Award, Best Business Awards, The Beauty Awards, The English Women’s Award, the New Starter Business of the Year Award and the Forward Ladies National Award. The brand has also received recognition from the Telegraph, The Yorkshire Post, Luxe, Cosmopolitan, Sunday Express, House of Coco, Living North, Living North, Heat, Aesthetic Medicine, Minister FM, OK, You Magazine and Tatler.

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TanCream is the epitome of innovation, hard work, dedication and determination. The brand has set a perfect example for all budding entrepreneurs to innovate and follow their dreams.