Little Hoppa: Crafting Eco-Friendly, Unique and Creative Toys for Kids

Little Hoppa: Crafting Eco-Friendly Happiness for Parents and Children

What is Little Hoppa?

Finding toys for children can be a challenging task. Several children’s toys are heavy, unappealing, fragile and non-renewable. They occupy space when kids don’t play with them and soon become waste when children outgrow them. Like other moms, Sofie also faced the problem of finding a fun and appropriate product for her baby. 

After noticing the lack of such toys, Sofie designed the Little Hoppa, a versatile 3-in-1 kids’ play gym, super stylish jumper, and activity table. This innovative, multi-activity and durable toy converts and adjusts with children, becoming their best friends as they grow (from birth to four years old). You can also keep Little Hoppa as a standalone design object. It looks so beautiful and minimalist that parents feel proud to showcase it.

The versatile toy is created with metal, wood, cotton and natural rubber, making it convenient to clean and easily recyclable. You can put each stage together effortlessly by fitting the parts by nut-and-bolt. Moreover, you can reuse most pieces of the Little Hoppa in each stage. Little Hoppa is a planet-friendly company offering sustainable, non-plastic and the ultimate baby toys created from non-toxic material. It’s the first Wooden Baby Jumper of its kind.

Significance of Little Hoppa

The first stage of Little Hoppa begins as a play gym. This baby gym gives a memorable sensory experience to newborns and infants up to six months of age. You can easily slot together the robust wooden frame with only six bolts, making it an adventurous toy for your baby. Put your newborn in it for a tummy time or lay the infant on the machine-washable cotton mat, where they can play with the engaging hanging toys.

Little Hoppa is available in a wide range of exciting patterned and textured toys that hang from the wooden structure with a toggle. Moreover, parents can easily attach their child’s favourite toys in the additional slots on the frame.

As little ones pull themselves up and learn to walk, the frame becomes a jumper toy, converting into a wooden structure with a height-adjustable bouncer seat. This super stylish jumper encourages tiny tots to stand, balance and move around. It is a perfect fit for toddlers ages six months to 2 years old.

Additionally, this section contains an easily cleanable rubber teether, a machine-washable cotton seat panel, a wooden bear and an interesting spinner toy to boost curiosity. Parents can personalise this whole experience by selecting the accessories, fabric of cotton seat panels and removable toys from a range of options.

The designers of Little Hoppa have built its final stage for the preschool kids. In this stage, a wooden tabletop fits into the existing frame, changing it into an activity table with a mountain shape in the centre. The table top is dual-sided, becoming helpful for both younger and older children. The older children can use the flat side of the table to read and draw. Moreover, younger kids can use interactive toys, storytelling forms and built-in roads for imaginative play.

Who is the Founder of Little Hoppa?

Sofie Hepworth started the Little Hoppa in October 2020 with a list on a scrap of paper. Sofie is a mum of two, an influencer, a successful interior stylist, a product designer and the Founder of Little Hoppa. She also has a website named ThreeBoysAndAPinkBath, where she does visual storytelling, suggests interior designing and collaborates with famous brands.

Sofie follows the mantra to design the things you hope to exist. The multi-award-winning digital content creator actively shares her colourful life on social networking sites. The entrepreneur has 108k followers on Instagram. Moreover, Sofie has been a professional digital creator for over four years and has partnered with hundreds of prominent family, home and lifestyle brands. She has collaborated with famous Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, B&Q, American Express, West Elm, and

In addition to styling, content creation and public speaking, Sophie is an entrepreneur and mother. Moreover, she is famous as a leading interior influencer, and the Stylist Magazine has named her “The most powerful creator of colour in the UK”.

Hepworth states, “After becoming a mother, I noticed that 99% of brands created children’s toys from toxic and garish plastics. I was surprised to realise that there were limited baby products that delivered both style and functionality. Moreover, the parents looking for environment-friendly alternatives could not find ideal and relevant toys for their kids.”

“So, while feeding my newborn infant, I prepared a list of everything that I couldn’t get for my baby. I wrote a wooden baby bouncer right at the top of that list. That is how Little Hoppa came to life,” added Sofie.

The Pitch of Little Hoppa on Dragons’ Den

Mumpreneur Sofie Hepworth appeared on Dragons’ Den in February 2022 with her innovation, Little Hoppa. The entrepreneur pitched her product to multi-billionaire Dragons Peter Jones, Steven Bartlett, Sara Davies, Deborah Meaden and Touker Suleyman. She sought a £75k investment for a 5% stake in her company. 

While pitching Little Hoppa, Sofie said, “After approximately twenty-four months of hard work and dedication, we launched our product in the market. Since then, we have sold our products in 9 retail stores and 26 countries worldwide.” She also revealed that she sold her house to start Little Hoppa.

After Hepworth demonstrated her environment-friendly and high-quality baby bouncers, the Dragons tested the product, and fortunately, there were no breakages. However, Meaden and Davies expressed concern about Little Loppa’s price. Suleyman fiercely offered  £100k in exchange for 45% of the company. Eventually, Sofie accepted Touker Suleyman’s offer as he is an expert in the baby industry. She hopes the Dragon’s guidance could help her in the growth of Little Hoppa.

After investing in the Little Hoppa, Touker stated, “The brand just fitted my portfolio. Someone has to invest in the best, and I know the Little Hoppa is the best.”

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Where is the Little Hoppa Now?

The Little Hoppa has been featured in the Daily Mirror, Hello, Harrods, Nursery Today, the A-List, Lemon and the Little Stylist. Moreover, the brand received the Red Dot Best of Best Award in 2020 for its design and concept.

The Little Hoppa is the innovator of creative, planet-friendly and beautiful products and interiors. The brand claims to deliver joy to parents, babies and home lovers because it is on a mission to make home a happy space.

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The price of the Little Hoppa 3-in-1 is £299. Moreover, the solo Wooden Baby Bouncer costs £229. You can also buy additional accessories like Hanging Toys(£35), Play Mat(£65), and Mountain Tree Teethers(£18) with these toys. Also, parents can add Little Hoppa Spare Seat Covers(£36) to this list.

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The Little Hoppa system has a ground-breaking, world-class design. You can buy their products from the brand’s official website. The company innovates all its baby products, digital content and interior design projects to create a happier life. Today, the industry recognises Little Hoppa as a renowned brand, celebrating its creative and eco-friendly approach to baby products.

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