OFFBLAK: Brewing a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle with Flavoured Tea Delivered to Your Doorstep

OFFBLAK- Brewing a Healthier, Happier Lifestyle with Flavoured Tea Delivered to Your Doorstep

What is OFFBLAK?

OFFBLAK is a flavoured tea brand focused on delivering functional wellness and encouraging people to live a happy and healthy life. The company provides a subscription-based retail plan that encourages tea lovers to enjoy the health benefits without compromising taste or excitement. This service allows customers to easily order flavoured, healthy tea online and get its delivery directly to their doorstep.

The tea delivery brand prioritises health, taste, and sustainability, all without compromise. The company aims to promote flavoured tea, customer satisfaction and well-being by introducing innovations to the tea market. Additionally, OFFBLAK is available in 12 different unique flavours, including Hibiscus Tea, Chamomile Tea, Green Tea, Chai, Rooibos Tea, Black Flavoured Tea, Herbal Tea and Fruit Tea.

Moreover, OFFBLAK is on a mission to witness countless opportunities to create and astonish, one cup of tea at a time. The flavoured tea delivery brand aims to offer aesthetic Instagram-worthy tea that becomes a part of your insta feed, not just the wardrobe. The company delivers outstanding taste and effective ingredients, ensuring every customer loves their tea.

OFFBLAK is an award-winning tea brand recognised by the Great Taste Awards for comprising delicious and scientifically proven high-quality ingredients. According to its official website, OFFBLAK is the first tea that people love. Moreover, the flavoured tea delivery service thinks that tea must taste as excellent as it feels.

Significance of OFFBLAK: Flavoured Tea Delivery Service

OFFBLAK is on a mission to create a simple, straightforward and no-nonsense approach to a happy lifestyle by offering healthy and delicious tea. The flavoured tea brand defines itself as a new-generation tea for a new generation of individuals. Moreover, the company tries to make customers as passionate about exceptional and versatile tea as OFFBLAK is.

Interestingly, OFFBLAK offers free delivery in the UK on all subscription orders above £10. Additionally, the tea delivery service provides free tracked delivery options on all orders above £25 in the UK. It also offers unique Tea Gift Sets, such as Tea Birthday Box, Valentine’s Tea and Student Discount.

OFFBLAK takes responsibility for becoming a sustainable brand by using recyclable packaging that is eco-friendly and FSC-certified. A package of OFFBLAK consists of a box of tea packs, the actual tea packet, sachets, and, eventually, individual pyramid tea bags in the sachets. Thus, the company delivers innovative straight-up ingredients and top-notch tasty flavours in pyramid tea bags.

Who is the Founder of OFFBLAK- Flavoured Tea Delivery Service?

Dmitry Klochkov and Jeong Cheol Bae founded OFFBLAK in 2018 to offer anything but black tea. Bae is the Chief Operating Officer, Co-Founder, and Board Member of the flavoured tea delivery company. However, Klochkov was the Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder and Board Member of OFFBLAK till 2022. 

Dmitry completed a Master of Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2018. The entrepreneur possesses 18 years of experience in Investment, Banking and Finance. Dmitry came up with the idea to introduce OFFBLAK after struggling to find a tea brand with good taste and health benefits. He used to work tirelessly for long hours and needed a refreshing drink but failed to find any brand that could meet his needs. That’s how OFFBLAK was born!!!

Bae has over 20 years of experience and expertise in different roles and industries. The entrepreneur completed his Master of Business Administration from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business in 2018.

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The Pitch of OFFBLAK on Dragons’ Den

OFFBLAK appeared on Dragons’ Den in April 2021 to pitch their flavoured tea delivery service on the BBC show. Dmitry Klochkov and Jeong Cheol Bae presented their business to Touker Suleyman, Sara Davies, Peter Jones, Tej Lalvani and Deborah Meaden. The duo sought an investment of £70k for a 1.5% stake in their tea business. 

In the pitch, the company’s co-founders, Bae and Dmitry, mentioned their aim to innovate how people see the tea market. They also stated, “We are a combination of quality, health benefits, sustainability and convenience.” After listening to OFFBLAK’s pitch, Suleyman, Davies, Meaden, and Lalvani refused to invest in the flavoured tea delivery service. However, Jones believed that OFFBLAK was a fantastic product built with incredible thought.

Peter thought he could help Bae and Dmitry make OFFBLAK a billion-dollar tea business and offered to invest £70k for 10% of the company. Bae and Dmitry tried to convince the Dragon to increase the investment amount to £100k or reduce the sought equity to 5%. Eventually, Peter Jones agreed to invest £70k in OFFBLAK for a 10% stake, which would decrease to 7.5% once the company paid back the investment.

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Where is OFFBLAK Now?

After appearing on Dragons’ Den, OFFBLAK has rapidly expanded its business in the UK, US, Russia, China, South Korea and the Philippines. The company’s products are available in several retail shops, including Holland & Barrett in the United Kingdom and Azbuka Vkusa in Russia.

OFFBLAK is on a mission to offer its customers freshness combined with the best shelf life and taste of their teas. Thus, the flavoured tea delivery service uses aluminium foil for packaging tea to increase the shelf life and quality of the sachets. The brand focuses on giving its consumers good, natural and bold stuff.

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OFFBLAK is a perfect combination of healthy tea and lifestyle. The company believes that tea should not be just black; it must come in various flavours and colours. Moreover, it aims to offer tea that is good for your soul and mind and even better for your insta feed.

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