Drynks Unlimited: Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Will Make You Rethink Drinking

Drynks Unlimited: Non-Alcoholic Drinks That Will Make You Rethink Drinking

What is Dragons’ Den Drynks Unlimited

Do you also like to enjoy your weekends without consuming alcohol? However, the typically available options are either sour, sweet or fizzy. Richard Clark, the founder of Drynks, was frustrated with the taste of artificial drinks. So, he gathered the UK’s most skilled brewers and young innovators to create a non-alcoholic beverage that captures our favourite drinks’ flavour, essence, and aroma. That’s how Drynks was born, and the rest is history.

Drynks Unlimited is a UK-based independent business that is 100% focused on crafting beverages with 0% alcohol. The British company’s goal is to curate a range of brands that create and deliver authentic, alcohol-free drinks with a natural taste, using locally-sourced ingredients. Drynks’ mission is to make drinkers rethink drinking by making them forget they are not consuming alcoholic beverages.

Significance of Dragons’ Den Drynks Unlimited

Exceptional alcohol-free drinks originate from excellent alcoholic beverages. The secret to Drynks’ outstanding taste lies in their Cool Vacuum Distillation (CVD) equipment. The British company first distils their base ciders and beers to remove the alcohol from their drinks. Then the brand treats its products gently by boiling away the liquor under a vacuum. Furthermore, Drynks preserves all the delicate flavours of beverages by minimising the temperature to its lowest level.

Moreover, Drynks is the only UK-based drinks business that invests in a cutting-edge, cold vacuum distillation kit capable of gently de-alcoholizing full-strength beverages. Thus, the company produces flavourful and delicious alcohol-free drinks with an exceptional alcoholic taste. Additionally, all the drinks offered by the brand are 100% vegan-friendly.

Who is the Founder of Dragons’ Den Drynks Unlimited

Richard Clark is the founder and Managing Director of the non-alcoholic drinks company. He founded Drynks Unlimited in October 2018 to make people rethink drinking. Before establishing his business, the entrepreneur worked as a Director Marketing Consultant at RMGL Limited. Moreover, he worked at Halewood International for 13 years in different roles.

With a passion for creating exceptional non-alcoholic beverages, Clark embarked on a mission to revolutionise the industry. He started his career in 1995 as a Sales Manager at PepsiCo. With 23 years of extensive experience in Marketing and Sales, the entrepreneur now focuses on crafting innovative and quality drinks with 0% alcohol. Clark says, “Entrepreneurs should always believe in their skills and the team’s abilities. I feel like one must learn from their mistakes, adjust to circumstances and never look back.”

The Pitch of Dragons’ Den Drynks Unlimited

Richard Clark, the Founder and Managing Director of Drynks Unlimited and Paul Briscoe, the UK Sales Director, appeared on Dragons’ Den in March 2020. During their pitch on Dragons’ Den, the duo highlighted that Drynks Unlimited offers 100% gluten-free, sugar-free, and vegan-friendly drinks. Moreover, the company’s beverages are completely non-alcoholic, contain low-calorie and have an exceptional taste.

The duo sought an investment of £125k in exchange for a 5% equity in the business. While presenting Drynks Unlimited on Dragons’ Den, Clark mentioned his aim for establishing the company. He stated, “I am deeply passionate about creating genuinely enjoyable non-alcoholic beverages that match the taste and quality of alcoholic counterparts. I intend to make more individuals rethink drinking.”

The pitch had its tense moments, particularly about the size of the investment and the company’s newcomer status. Although, even after tough questions and unfavourable moments, the founder of Drynks Unlimited successfully impressed the Dragons.

After listening to Clark’s pitch, Dragon Peter Jones stated, “I didn’t think your drinks would taste even close to alcohol. And I think that’s remarkable how close this is.” Crafting Queen Sara Davies appreciated the innovative drinks company and stated, “I think it’s a powerful and exciting business.” Moreover, Dragon Deborah Meaden also complimented Drynks Unlimited and said, “That tastes very good.”

After seeing the smashing potential in the groundbreaking drinks business, Sara invested  £125k for a 7.5% stake. After appearing on the BBC programme, Drynks Unlimited founder Richard Clark said he had a brilliant experience at Dragons’ Den. The reality show helped the entrepreneur realise what a powerful idea, plan, story and business he has. Richard states, “Getting an opportunity to pitch our company on Dragons’ Den was incredibly thrilling and slightly nerve-wracking. We had an invaluable experience at the BBC show and, luckily, we secured a deal from the right Dragon.

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Where is Drynks Unlimited Now?

According to Pomanda, “The turnover of Drynks Unlimited is £2.2m.” The British drinks business has witnessed rapid growth in the last few years. After appearing in Dragons’ Den, Clark’s innovation secured multiple investments from several big companies.

Moreover, Drynks Unlimited is revolutionising drinking by crafting a premium range of quality drinks and brands for its ever-increasing consumers. Drynks’ first non-alcoholic brand consists of five products; Smashed Cider, Smashed Pale Ale, Smashed Citrus, Smashed Lager and Smashed Berry. The company is developing more such brands to deliver quality non-alcoholic drinks that taste exactly like alcohol.

Now Drynks Unlimited is available in Booths and Sainsbury’s, alongside several other stores, bars, pubs and restaurants. The company has expanded its business in the UAE and plans to introduce its products in the USA and Canada. Moreover, Richard and his business have received multiple honours, awards and recognitions.

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Drynks Unlimited proves that innovation and a great business plan can make any business successful. Richard Clark inspires all the budding entrepreneurs who believe in their invention, talent, skills and team.

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