Dragons’ Den Beach Powder: The Ultimate Solution for Sand-Free Blissful Beach Vacations

Dragons' Den Beach Powder: The Ultimate Solution for Sand-Free Blissful Beach Vacations

What is Dragons’ Den Beach Powder?

Beach Powder is a unique, natural, plant-based, talc-free product crafted to extract sand from the skin without fuss. This powder is the perfect partner for exotic staycations in the summer in the UK. It is designed from mineral and plant powders and contains a sweet scent of vanilla that enhances the sand-removing experience.

The Beach Powder allows sand to easily fall off the body by absorbing the moisture and wetness on your skin. Moreover, it doesn’t dry your body and improves skin texture by offering extremely natural and gentle exfoliation. The powder makes the skin incredibly silky and sand-free.

Additionally, the company offers another product, Beach Powder Shimmer, that makes the body sparkly and sand-free. The Shimmer eliminates sand from the skin and adds a glittery, subtle, smooth and radiant effect to the body. This talc-free powder is plastic-free and contains a vanilla scent and natural minerals. Moreover, it adds glamour to your skin, giving you beach-perfect Instagram moments.

Significance of Dragons’ Den Beach Powder

The Beach Powder can easily remove sand of different kinds and sizes from all body and skin types. Moreover, the sand-removing powder does not contain talcum as its ingredient due to the heightened risk of ovarian cancer associated with talcum powder usage.

Additionally, unknowingly inhaling talcum powder’s fine particles can lead to lung disorders and respiratory problems in adults and children. The Beach Powder contains larger particles than talcum, minimising the risk of inhalation or absorption into the body.

Beach Powder’s products are crafted exclusively from natural minerals and plants, ensuring they are 100% environmentally friendly and free from any plastic materials. Moreover, the sand-removing powder is totally safe for babies, young children, adults and elderlies.

Who is the Founder of Dragons’ Den Beach Powder

Stephanie Kelsey is a Mumpreneur, Founder and Managing Director of the Beach Powder. She introduced the sand-removing product in January 2019 to instantly extract sand from the body. The entrepreneur completed her studies at Durham University, UK.

Stephanie’s heart belongs to the beach, where she enjoys the blissful moments by the seashore but hates the hassle of carrying sand back with her. So, a few years ago, the mumpreneur started creating a product that instantly removes sand from the skin. She always aimed to make a sand-removing powder that was natural, talc-free and eco-friendly. The absence of talcum in Beach Powder is a crucial selling point for Stephanie’s company.

The Pitch of Beach Powder on Dragons’ Den

Stephanie presented Beach Powder on Dragons’ Den in May 2021. She brought a complete set of sand, cocktails, sun loungers, and sand-removing powder to show the application and effects of the product to the Dragons. Kelsey was hoping for an investment of £60k for a 10% equity in her business and soon received the interest of the Dragons.

Crafting Queen- Sara Davies was deeply interested in the sand-removing powder and excitedly stated its benefits for parents. After hearing Stephanie’s pitch, Davies said, “I love beaches and often go there for chilling, swimming and walking. Naturally, this results in sand persistently entering my shoes, pockets, and towels. Thus, I am excited to see how your sand-removing powder works!”

Apart from the entrepreneur’s innovative idea, Dragons loved Kelsey’s colourful, simple and bright packaging that evokes a sense of summer. The attractive branding makes the product easy to use and attracts a larger audience. Despite Stephanie’s calculations raising a few eyebrows, she managed to secure a joint offer from Touker and Sara. Notably, Beach Powder received £60k investment for a 49% stake in her business.

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Where is Dragons’ Den Beach Powder Now?

Dragons’ Den is a BBC show where aspiring entrepreneurs pitch their business innovations to Dragons, a board of business tycoons. These Dragons invest money, time, experience and expertise in the businesses and potential of these budding innovators. After appearing on Dragons Den, Beach Powder has garnered significant popularity and expanded its audience.

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Beach Powder is a skin-friendly, environmentally safe and talc-free sand-removing cream. With the help of this product, vacations become super fun and hassle-free. You can buy Stephanie’s sand-removing product from the official website of the company. The regular powder is priced at £10.99, while Shimmer is available for £12.99. Moreover, these products are available on Amazon, The Dressing Room, Uncommon Goods, and Sugarmango.

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