Caffeine Bullets: Innovative Energy Gummies that Enhance Athletic Performance

Caffeine Bullets: Innovative Energy Gummies that Enhance Athletic Performance

What is Dragons’ Den Caffeine Bullet?

Caffeine Bullets are innovative energy gummies created to improve athletic performance. These energy gummies contain 100mg of caffeine per chew, kicking in faster than energy drinks, gels, coffee or caffeine pills. Since these Caffeine Bullets directly enter the bloodstream, they enable sportspersons and athletes to undergo more intense and prolonged training sessions effortlessly. These energy candies contain a unique combination of caffeine, carbohydrates and electrolytes, a nutritional solution for instant energy.

The Caffeine Bullets don’t leave a bitter or weird taste in the mouth. Due to their chewable form, these gummies absorb in the body three times faster than gels, drinks, and pills. The chewable energy brand aims to enhance the performance of athletes by energising them. Physical fitness is a difficult journey, and it takes years to achieve a healthy body. Caffeine Bullets is creating a community that motivates and supports sportspersons in every way possible to ensure enhanced athletic performance.

These Caffeine Gummies contain sodium, magnesium and potassium, which maintain normal muscle function and electrolyte balance. With a mere 35kcal or less, every chew provides pure, invigorating energy that feels natural and enhances your performance and endurance for extended periods.

Significance of Dragons’ Den Caffeine Bullets

Each Caffeine Bullet increases athletes’ energy, strength, stamina and ability by combining caffeine with four major categories of electrolytes that enhance their performance. These energy chews are the best alternative to coffee and energy drinks containing calories in a high amount. Interestingly, Caffeine Bullet increases dopamine and concentration and improves workout performance.

Moreover, these gummies are the perfect match for workouts, exercises, challenging and prolonged training, physical activities, mid-race, pre-gym or post-heavy night out. When you consume caffeine, it releases fat into your bloodstream. Thus, these Caffeine Gummies enable the use of stored fat in your body and also slow down glycogen depletion (the stored form of energy in muscles).

Additionally, Caffeine Bullets decrease fatigue, influences the central nervous system and affect the dopaminergic and several other neurotransmitter systems. These energy candies allow athletes to go beyond their limits by decreasing skeletal muscle pain and easing training by reducing the feeling of excessive effort. Caffeine Gummies have become an essential part of athletes’ training. The company offers these Caffeine Bullets in two flavours, Chocolit Orange and  Mintense, that are delightful, enjoyable and authentically natural.

Who is the Founder of Dragons’ Den Caffeine Bullet?

David Hellard introduced Caffeine Bullet in October 2016. He is an adventurer, ultra runner, marathon champion, entrepreneur, Curator of the Nation Running Show Ultra Stage, and Presenter of the Bad Boy Running. Impressively, the entrepreneur has won marathons and races on three different continents. David helped the UK to win a bronze medal in the Beer Mile World Championships. Moreover, the Prime Minster rewarded the marathon champion the Point of Light Award for collecting £100k for Street Child.

During races, the entrepreneur always depended on caffeine but found it difficult to consume an entire energy gel for caffeine. David noticed this lack of caffeine products for athletes that could be consumed conveniently during races without taking several gels. Thus, the marathon champion introduced Caffeine Bullet to improve athletic performance.

After David discovered that chewing accelerates and improves absorption, he worked with a food scientist to introduce Caffeine Bullet. These gummies are a convenient substitute for the high calories of coffee and energy drinks.

The Pitch of Caffeine Bullets on Dragons’ Den

David Hellard pitched Caffeine Bullet on Dragons’ Den in April 2022 to promote his energy gummies and impress all five dragons. While presenting his product on BBC’s Dragons’ Den, the entrepreneur wrote personalised hand-written messages for each Dragon. With the help of Hellard’s innovation, knowledge, singing, charm and business strategy, he received immense appreciation for his invention.

Caffeine Bullet secured a £60k investment from Dragons Peter Jones and Steven Bartlett for a 25% equity. Moreover, if Hellard pays the invested money within 24 months, the Dragons must give up on a 5% stake in Caffeine Bullet. After receiving the funds, David stated, “I was happy and excited when Steven Bartlett made an offer because he has unique experience and expertise. All the Dragons possess different backgrounds and skill sets, so I was willing to receive mentorship and support from all of them.”

Where are Dragons’ Den Caffeine Bullets Now?

Dragons’ Den has helped Caffeine Bullets gain popularity and attract new consumers. Moreover, Steven and Peter’s mentorship and support have helped David promote the product and increase sales. The current net worth of the company is £304k.

Every chew consists of 27 calories. Consume 1 or 2 gummies 30 minutes before your training or race to improve your athletic performance. However, limit your daily intake to a maximum of four chews. You can buy Caffeine Bullets in both flavours from the company’s official website in packs of 4, 16, 40 or 120 gummies. Caffeine bullets offer an efficient and convenient way to boost energy levels and enhance athletic performance.

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