Dragons’ Den TMPL Wellness: Redefining Skincare for Men of Colour

Dragons' Den TMPL Wellness: Redefining Skincare for Men of Colour

What is Dragons’ Den TMPL Wellness?

In January 2021, Raphael Babalola and Adam Hutchinson introduced TMPL Wellness, a self-care brand for men of colour. The duo believe the grooming and personal care industry needs to focus more on the products available for the skin care of men of colour. For a year, Babalola and Hutchinson worked closely with dermatologists and manufacturers to create TMPL products for Asian, Black, and Mixed Race men. Moreover, the tagline of TMPL Wellness proudly says, “Self-care for the Mandem.”

Adam and Raphael admitted that as black men with sensitive skin, they suffered from razor bumps, irritated skin and breakouts. These skin issues caused dark spots and made the duo insecure about their appearance. Whenever they went to shops to find a solution, the retailers did not know the right products or worsened the situation. Thus, to solve this issue, TMPL offers effective, safe and natural personal care products for men of colour. Since its establishment, the company has organically sold over a thousand products through word of mouth.

Significance of Dragons’ Den TMPL Wellness

TMPL is the UK’s first skincare brand that understood the problems faced by men of colour, encompassing challenges such as ingrown hair and razor bumps. Moreover, about 85% of Asian, Black and Mixed race men with curly hair face issues like dryness, acne, and hyperpigmentation. To solve these skin problems, Adam and Raphael introduced their brand, TMPL Wellness: “Self-care for the Mandem.”

TMPL Wellness, previously known as Temple Wellness, is actively breaking boundaries by making personal care inclusive to different skin tones. The skincare brand also concentrates on promoting self-care for men. The company’s moisturiser, cleanser and toner include avocado oil, aloe vera and rosehip oil as their key ingredients. These components solve the issues typically faced by men of colour, such as scarring, acne, dryness, hyper-pigmentation, and sensitivity.

Raphael Babalola states, “I was frustrated and tired of the bad retail experiences and lack of products available for my skin tone. In 2022, we must reject any form of marginalisation based on skin colour and refuse to accept second-class treatment as consumers.”

About the Founders of Dragons’ Den TMPL Wellness

Raphael Babalola and Adam Hutchinson became friends while attending the same school. More than 15 years ago, the duo met in a graphic design class, becoming good school friends.

Adam completed his BA in Graphic Design and Foundation degree from the University of the Arts London. After graduating, the entrepreneur worked as a Graphic Designer, Design Lead and Brand Designer at different companies. The design leader has over a decade of international expertise in crafting brand strategies. At present, Adam is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of TMPL.

Babalola started his entrepreneurial journey in 2016 as a co-founder of Wanderpay. Wanderpay is a payment method that allows customers to distribute the expenses of their travel purchases in monthly instalments. Moreover, he worked as an Enterprise Consultant, Senior Business Analyst and Growth Manager at different firms. He was also the co-founder and Head of Partnerships at 10×10, a community of the UK’s leading black Founders, Innovators, and Investors. At present, Raphael is the Co-Founder and CEO of TMPL.

The Pitch of TMPL Wellness on Dragons’ Den

Before appearing on Dragons’ Den, TMPL received funds from a competition organised by PayPal and Kwanda. Moreover, they received extra investment from the Experian Entrepreneur Challenge. The company also raised finance of £155k from a private investor.

TMPL appeared on Dragons’ Den in January 2023. The company sought an investment of £50k for 2.5% equity. The founders of the skincare brand pitched TMPL Wellness on the BBC show to grow its business and create brand awareness. Raphael and Adam started their pitch with an excellent introduction, but the Dragons were not impressed by the company’s valuation. According to the Dragons, a £2m valuation for a business with £20k in sales is insane.

When Peter Jones questioned the founders of TMPL about the company’s valuation, Babalola claimed, “The company recently got investment at an equal valuation”. However, later it was revealed TMPL Wellness received finance with a valuation of £1.1m, and Dragons were not too satisfied with the £900k difference. Fortunately, Adam and Raphael managed to bounce back from this awkward situation. After a thorough discussion, Steven Bartlett invested £50k for 10% equity in TMPL Wellness.

Where is Dragons’ Den TMPL Wellness Now?

You can buy TMPL products from their official website TMPL.care and multiple retailers. Moreover, the website offers several articles and skin quizzes that help visitors learn more about their skin type and skincare. Some of the products sold by TMPL are face toner, face cleanser and face moisturiser.

TMPL Wellness boasts an impressive average rating of 4.7 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot, based on 51 reviews. The skincare company is a promising startup running effectively in a competitive market. The personal care brand aims to acquire regular consumers to build a loyal community of men of colour. Moreover, the brand focuses on expanding the business globally to make skincare products effortlessly available for everyone.

TMPL Wellness is a pioneering brand in the self-care industry, specifically fulfilling the skincare needs of men of colour. Co-founders Raphael Babalola and Adam Hutchinson identified the lack of available personal care options and created usable and natural skincare products.

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TMPL Wellness has emerged as a trailblazer that promotes self-care and addresses and applies an inclusive approach to common issues that men of colour face. The skincare brand has built an outstanding online presence and received positive customer feedback. Moreover, TMPL Wellness continues to thrive and commits to expanding globally to make skincare accessible and empowering for all.

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