The Little Loop Clothing: The Journey of the Innovative and Sustainable Kidswear Clothing Brand

The Little Loop Clothing: The Journey of the Innovative and Sustainable Kidswear Clothing Brand

What is Dragons’ Den The Little Loop?

Every parent can relate to that sinking feeling when their kids grow or the seasons shift, signalling the need for a complete wardrobe update. Meeting a kid’s clothing needs in this world of fast fashion can be overwhelming. To all the concerned parents out there fretting about their child’s fashion – we understand your worry! To solve this problem, Charlotte Morley introduced The Little Loop, a UK-based company that offers kidswear rental services. Moreover, Little Loop clothing is the world’s first brand that offers a sustainable shared wardrobe exclusively for children.

Parents can effortlessly become a member of the Little Loop’s monthly subscription starting from £18 per month. They can receive kids’ clothes worth £165 from various brands, including Little Green Radicals, Polarn O. Pyret, Frugi, and more.

Significance of Dragons’ Den The Little Loop

The Little Loop is the UK’s first marketplace for kids. The brand believes that dressing your kids should be fun and exciting. It should not make you feel inferior, super-stressed, guilty, or unpleasant because parents’ time, money and feelings are precious.

The Little Loop feels that any parent must be able to obtain the clothes their child loves and needs. Moreover, the beauty of the rental service lies in getting rid of these clothes effortlessly, knowing that another loving family can use them. According to the website of The Little Loop, their shared wardrobe is the future of kids’ clothing.

The Little Loop is an environment-friendly way of dressing your children. The company’s monthly subscription service offers parents a wide range of clothes at a pocket-friendly price.

Each year, the clothing and textile industry produces almost 1.75m tonnes of waste in the United  Kingdom. Surprisingly, 1.2m tonnes of this waste eventually goes into the trash yard. Moreover, in the UK, people throw away 360k tonnes of clothes every year. Charlotte identified this problem and created an eco-friendly solution to the significant issue. In this world of fast fashion, the brand is emerging as a sustainable solution for children’s clothing.

Who is the Founder of Dragons’ Den’s The Little Loop?

Charlotte Morley is a mumpreneur, founder and CEO of the kidswear rental service, The Little Loop. This company is the epitome of a success story of the lockdown period. Morley introduced The Little Loop in September 2019, but the company gained immense publicity during the lockdown. She noticed the huge gap in the kids’ clothing industry, letting her solve the significant issue in the market.

Charlotte Morley is an innovator and trailblazer in the circular economy, creating the UK’s first rental business for children’s clothing. The entrepreneur is a dedicated, self-motivated and intelligent professional who focuses on creating sustainable solutions. She has a broad skill set, deep expertise and over 12 years of experience in research & analysis, project coordination and agile enterprise product management. Moreover, Morley is an outstanding communicator and published commentator on education, technology, sustainability, and skills.

Additionally, Charlotte is a skilled manager of shareholders and workloads. The entrepreneur holds an impressive track record of delivering exceptional performance to the highest standard. Morley completed her Master of Arts in Geography from the University of Cambridge in 2002.

The Pitch of The Little Loop Clothing on Dragons’ Den

The Little Loop appeared on Dragons’ Den in January 2022. Charlotte Morley, the founder of the kidswear rental services business, entered the Den seeking an investment of £70k for a 7.5% stake in her company. Morley describes her business as a sustainable solution to the children’s clothing market. The mumpreneur says her company fights against fast fashion and the textile waste caused by kids’ clothes.

Dragons Deborah Meaden, Sara Davies, Steven Bartlett and Touker Suleyman highly appreciated The Little Loop. Moreover, all these four Dragons offered to invest in the kidswear rental company. Investors Sara Davies and Deborah Meaden separately proposed £70k for a 12.5% equity in the business. Additionally, Steven Bartlett and Touker Suleyman were willing to give the sought money for a 15% stake in the company.

The mumpreneur was more inclined to get investment from Bartlett and Meaden. Morley created history on Dragons’ Den by doubling the sought investment amount to £140k, becoming the first-ever entrepreneur to do so on the show. Interestingly, Morley’s innovative idea and outstanding pitch impressed Steven Bartlett and Deborah Meaden, leading them to jointly invest £140k for a 25% stake in The Little Loop Clothing.

After her successful pitch, Morley said, “I am delighted with the result. As an entrepreneur, I have experienced a real rollercoaster of extraordinary highs and depressing lows. I developed an unbreakable belief that I was going in the right direction and had the hide of a rhino. I truly respect Steven Bartlett and Deborah Meaden, and their offer validated my belief, increasing my determination to expand my business. As a result, I aim to revolutionise Britain’s approach to dress children.”

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Where is The Little Loop Clothing Now?

As of 2023, the net worth of The Little Loop is £750k. The kidswear rental company continues to grow as a sustainable and pocket-friendly solution to children’s clothing. Soon after The Little Loop Clothing appeared on Dragons’ Den, viewers quickly started congratulating Morley on Twitter. Several users stated that the entrepreneur’s pitch was heart-touching and emotional.

A fan wrote, “Well done, The Little Loop! You pitched an incredible idea, and, for the first time, I cried after seeing a Dragons’ Den pitch. The user also added a heart and clapping emoji. Meanwhile, one more user wrote, “Most memorable TV business moment. #DragonsDen”

Dragon Deborah Meaden also retweeted, “What a wonderful pitch and idea from Charlotte Morley and what a deal! Teaming up with two excellent dragons, @DeborahMeaden and @SteveBartlettSC, is a win-win situation for The  Little Loop. The famous saying ‘You won’t receive if you don’t ask for it’ works wonders.

The Little Loop continues to evolve and do big things. The company has received numerous honours and awards, including the Marie Claire Sustainability Award and Junior Design Awards. Additionally, the company gained recognition and press coverage from several media companies such as Forbes, The Daily Mail, The Independent, and The Sun. The list is limitless and continues to grow, just like The Little Loop company.

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The Little Loop Clothing has emerged as a thriving business. The brand proves that with an innovative idea and correct execution, anything is possible. We are excited to witness The Little Loop’s continued success and prosperous future!

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