Unwrapping the Sweet Success of My Chocolate Shop on Dragons’ Den: Crafting Delightful Chocolates with Innovation and Celebrity Collaborations

Unwrapping the Sweet Success of My Chocolate Shop on Dragons' Den: Crafting Delightful Chocolates with Innovation and Celebrity Collaborations

What is Dragons’ Den My Chocolate Shop?

My Chocolate Shop (MCS) is a UK-based chocolate brand that crafts and delivers a variety of high-quality, affordable chocolates. The company is an expert in selling seasonal and festival-themed chocolate products, especially for celebrities, influencers and athletes. Moreover, MCS offers customised and corporate chocolate products to help companies promote their business, increase audience engagement and build trust.

The innovation and excellence of My Chocolate Shop make the chocolatier a go-to destination for chocolate lovers. The chocolate company believes in delivering chocolate treats as an enjoyable experience. From rich and creamy milk chocolates to never forgotten protein chocolates, MCS offers something to delight every palate.

My Chocolate Shop focuses on manufacturing quality products for every season and festival. Moreover, the company helps influential and high-profile businesses and individuals sell their exclusive range of chocolate products or gift their customers and employees bespoke high-quality products.

Significance of My Chocolate Shop

My Chocolate Shop is more than just a typical chocolatier. MCS is a unique platform that directly works with businesses, influencers and their management team to design customised products. Moreover, the client-focused company uses chocolate as a tool for corporates and influencers to increase audience engagement and generate new revenue streams.

My Chocolate Shop is part of Cocoa+, the innovative brand that introduced the world’s first eco-friendly paper-wrapped protein bar. MCS was also the pioneer in founding the world’s first protein chocolate.

My Chocolate Shop has a team of expert and experienced members who dedicatedly support their clients from manufacturing to distribution. Additionally, the company helps customers in designing, ordering, promoting, gifting, marketing and distributing chocolate products. Till now, the MCS has collaborated with one of the UK’s most prominent content creators – the Sidemen, Chloe Ferry, Gemma Collins and Niko for Beta Squad. 

My Chocolate Shop values significant moments in their customers’ lives and, thus, aims to make them even more memorable with their handcrafted chocolates. From mouth-watering Easter eggs to beautifully designed Ramadan gift sets, MCS adds warmth and delight to festivals with its confectionery, gift sets and chocolate creations.

Who is the Founder of Dragons’ Den My Chocolate Shop?

Hamza Shah and Steve Rehmat Victor pitched My Chocolate Shop on Dragons’ Den. Steve is a serial entrepreneur, founder and director at MCS, the first authentic chocolatier in the UK that directly partners with influencers and ventures.

The entrepreneur co-founded the confectionery brand in January 2021 to help content creators and small businesses monetise their brands. Currently, Victor focuses on designing a customised chocolate bar platform that offers exquisitely flow-wrapped chocolates for an elegant experience. Moreover, the entrepreneur aims to provide perfect packaging from the outside and high-quality delicious chocolate inside.

Steve is also the Founding Member and Investor at Rehmat Chocolate, Co-Founder of

Nutrition Victor and Partner at Never-forgotten Chocolate. Additionally, boasting over a decade of entrepreneurial experience, he serves as the Startup Advisor at We Will Bake. Victor studied BSc Business Information Systems at the University of Liverpool. 

The Pitch of My Chocolate Shop on the Dragons’ Den

In March 2023, Steve Rehmat Victor, the co-founder of My Chocolate Shop, appeared on BBC’s Dragons’ Den to pitch his business on the show. Steve was a big fan of the reality show and always wished to appear on the TV programme to meet the Dragons. The entrepreneur enticed Dragons with his innovative range of chocolate products for festivals and several seasons. Moreover, Victor impressed the Dragons with his unique commercial approach to designing branded, bespoke chocolate products for celebrities, content creators and athletes.

Steve successfully secured £40k from Crafting Queen and Dragons’ Den investor Sara Davies in exchange for 30% of his business. Upon securing the deal from Sara Davies, Steve said, “I am delighted to have such an experienced and expert Dragon on board. I have studied her outstanding track record and read Sara’s impressive success story in her book. I knew from the start that getting a chance to work with her would be an excellent opportunity.”

In an interview, Victor shared his experience at the Dragons’ Den. He stated, “I have several years of experience in public speaking and pitching my business, still entering the Den was quite nerve-wracking. While pitching My Chocolate Shop, I felt like a deer in the headlights. Moreover, I had watched previous episodes of the show and prepared myself well for the Den, and I was happy with the result.”

Sara Davies also shared her thoughts on Steve’s innovative business idea. She stated, “I was impressed by Steve Victor’s remarkable ability to think of commercially excellent ideas. We all love high-quality, delicious chocolates, and MCS guarantees to make these chocolates accessible to everyone everywhere. I am eager to see what Victor and his team think and do next!”

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Where is Dragons’ Den My Chocolate Shop Now?

My Chocolate Shop has become a unique platform for businesses and influencers to create and sell their unique and wide range of chocolates. Additionally, with the help of MCS, content creators, startups, and other organisations can gift their customers and employees branded chocolates.

MCS has already collaborated with renowned personalities like Chloe Ferry and Gemma Collins to introduce branded chocolate products in the marketplace. Moreover, celebrities and athletes can select their favourite colours, flavours, and packaging of chocolates. 

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Additionally, the latest project of MCS includes a collaboration with internet celebrity- KSI. The chocolatier partnered with the YouTuber to create Prime chocolate, inspired by the celebrity’s successful line of Prime energy drinks. Moreover, the company has collaborated with EPL teams, like Brentford, Blackburn and Wolves, to create bespoke products for their target audiences.

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My Chocolate Shop is a remarkable platform that combines creativity and business acumen to craft and deliver high-quality, customised chocolates. MCS continues to grow and expand its reach worldwide. With a focus on innovation and customer satisfaction, MCS remains a go-to destination for delightful and memorable chocolate experiences.