Revolutionary Heatless Hair Curler: Cordina Hair Shines on Dragons’ Den

Revolutionary Heatless Hair Curler: Cordina Hair Shines on Dragons' Den

What is Cordina Hair?

Cordina Hair is an innovative personal care brand creating heatless hair curling, styling and hair care solutions for women. The company’s dedication knows no limits in matters of hair and beauty. With multiple patents and protected designs, the company designs unique handmade heatless hair curler in the United Kingdom. Cordina Hair aims to inspire women to enhance and embrace their natural beauty by using gentle and safe products.

Cordina Hair is a cruelty-free hair care company that focuses on introducing innovative hair products for women on a mission to get beautiful and healthy hair. The brand offers several products, including the comfortable Waver Bun, Flower Curl and Gentle Shampoo Recipe to provide naturally beautiful hair.

The Independent calls Cordina Hair “the most comfortable and suitable heatless hair curler.” Regardless of where you are on your hair journey, these hair styling tools can inspire and help you to get gorgeous, healthy hair.

Significance of Cordina HairThe Heatless Hair Curler

The patented hair curler of Cordina Hair offers silky and heatless curls. The company’s satin-coated Flower Curl gives beautiful curly hair without causing any damage to the hair. The brand’s heatless hair curler is user-friendly and efficient, allowing women to sleep peacefully and comfortably overnight without any problem or interference from the curler. Moreover, the Flower Curl includes lightweight hair grips designed to secure the hair in place.

The satin of these Flower Curls assists in taming dryness, frizz, fraction and breakage. The product ensures longer-lasting silky, heatless curls in seconds. Additionally, this hair styling tool helps you achieve a variety of hair curling styles with just one hair curler. Moreover, Flower Curls are suitable for hair of all lengths, from armpit length to waist-length, mid-back, and even long hair.

Who is the Founder of Cordina Hair– The Heatless Hair Curler?

Yanika Cordina introduced Cordina Hair in 2017. From being a Personal Assistant to emerging as an Innovator and Entrepreneur in the Hair Care Industry, Yanika has come a long way. She originally belonged to Malta but left everything behind at eighteen and came to the UK to seek better opportunities. The businesswoman now lives with her young kid in a beautiful Dorset on the South West Coast of England.

Cordina has always been passionate about healthy and gorgeous hair since childhood. She introduced Cordina Hair after struggling to maintain healthy hair. Yanika describes herself as someone who loves beauty-related products and likes to try anything from hair colours to new hairstyles.

Over the years, the entrepreneur has created multiple tools and products to maintain and style hair. Additionally, any solution that guarantees less heat damage to hair while enabling women to try new styles always catches Cordina’s attention. Moreover, the entrepreneur aims to inspire women to use gentle products to improve and embrace their natural beauty. Yanika motivates all the women to follow their passion and listen to their hearts.

The Pitch of Cordina Hair on Dragons’ Den

Yanika Cordina pitched her brand Cordina Hair on BBC’s Dragons’ Den in June 2021. The entrepreneur appeared on the BBC show to expand her business and offer women a stress-free and simple alternative to salon styling. Moreover, she sought an investment of £75k in return for a 15% equity in her business.

In the Den, Yanika presented her heatless hair curler to the panel of five industry experts and multimillionaire dragons – Tej Lalvani, Touker Suleyman, Theo Paphitis, Sara Davies and Deborah Meaden. Soon after listening to the pitch, the Dragons started inspecting the product, and Meaden asked, “What prevents someone from using this?” Yanika instantly highlighted the benefits of Cordina Hair and how she has already registered the IP in her product.

However, one after another, the Dragons refused to invest in Cordina Hair until, at last, Sara made an offer to invest. Eventually, Yanika secured an investment of £75k from Davies in exchange for a 50% stake in her company.

Cordina shared her experience at the Dragons’ Den and stated, “It was an incredibly surreal moment for me. I always believed in going on the BBC show but never thought I would pitch my innovation to the Dragons. The Dragons were exceptionally nice and kind. However, it was an extremely nerve-wracking experience for me to present my product to the panel. I rehearsed the pitch countless times to ensure I didn’t make any mistakes.”

The entrepreneur also stated how happy she was after securing a deal from Sara. Yanika said, “I accepted Sara’s offer because I preferred to leave the show with an investment rather than empty-handed. I believe Sara’s expertise and knowledge would be highly beneficial for the growth of the business.”

Cordina added, “Sara Davies is the perfect Dragon partner for my company. She has vast experience in TV shopping, the next logical step for Cordina Hair. It is also wonderful to be partnering with another working mum. Just three months after launching the Flower Curl, I unexpectedly became pregnant. So, I think I must work with people who understand the challenges of being a mumpreneur.”

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Where is Dragons’ Den Cordina Hair Now?

In 2021, the net worth of Cordina Hair was £25k. Appearing on Dragons’ Den helped the heatless hair curler gain popularity and credibility, making Cordina Hair a go-to option for women.

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Yanika is on a mission to expand her business worldwide and make it easily accessible. She plans to launch more hair care products to make hair styling easy and comfortable without causing any hair damage. The entrepreneur aims to create products that help women feel confident about themselves. Moreover, Cordina believes, “Consistency, Hard Work and Patience are essential for success. You have to work relentlessly to witness positive results.”

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With 52.2k followers on Instagram, Cordina Hair is emerging as a new heatless hair curler and styling solution. The brand is an inspiration for every woman embracing natural beauty.

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