Dragons’ Den Skinny Tan: Successful Product Pitched on the Show

Dragons’ Den Skinny Tan: Successful Product Pitched on the Show

What is Dragons’ Den Skinny Tan?

Skinny Tan is one of the most successful products pitched on Dragons’ Den. It is a personal care brand that allows women to easily and quickly self-tan their bodies, even on the busiest day. It is a self-tan cream and cellulite-reducing lotion made with 99% naturally derived components.

The personal care product aims to make tanning effortless, fun and easily accessible by overcoming all the challenges. The ‘skinny’ in Skinny Tan stands for naturally derived ingredients that are vegan-friendly, skin-loving and cruelty-free, removing all the unnecessary components. Moreover, the self-tan claims to give women a natural, streak-free, and perfect look. 

Moreover, it is a skin-friendly tan that hydrates and nourishes the body. It also includes Strawberries and Cream, Peach, Coconut and Vanilla, Chocolate, and Pineapple. The unique textures and attractive fragrances of Skinny Tan guarantee a most natural-looking tan and an easy-to-achieve, flawless and fun experience.

Who are the Founders of Dragons’ Den Skinny Tan?

In 2013, Louise Ferguson and Kate Cotton established Skinny Tan in the United Kingdom to combine tan with the best skin care. Cotton and Ferguson define their innovation as a self-care gift designed by real women for real women. Apart from being co-founders of the self-tanner brand, Kate and Louise are proud mothers. The passion-driven female entrepreneurs aimed to innovate a natural-looking tan that is skin-friendly and easily applicable even on busy days.

Cotton and Ferguson come from Essex, England. Before founding her business, Cotton studied Sociology and Psychology and worked for a skincare company. Moreover, Ferguson completed MA and BA in Anthropology from the University of Cambridge and produced several copywriting and marketing opportunities in Australia. After spending almost ten years in Australia, Cotton and Ferguson returned to the UK to expand their business. Interestingly, the duo first introduced Skinny Tan in 2012 in Australia while on maternity leave. 

The proud mumpreneurs believe tanning does not mean compromising your skin quality. Thus, Kate and Louise focus on creating all the products with nourishing, skin-boosting and hydrating ingredients.

A Look at the Journey of Dragons’ Den Skinny Tan

In 2013, Louise Ferguson and Kate Cotton appeared on Dragons’ Den to pitch Skinny Tan and seek investment from the Dragons. The duo became the Dragons’ Den Winner for their exceptional innovation and flawless pitch. On the show, they claimed to be the world’s first tanner that combines naturally derived cellulite with natural tanning properties.

The duo’s pitch got off to a great start as bikini-clad models captured the Dragons’ attention. However, what made their pitch unique and compelling, was Skinny Tan being the best-selling tanner in Australia. The self-tan soon gained attention after its launch, becoming the best new skincare product in Australia in 2013.

The duo made sure that the Dragons could smell and see the colour of their self-tanning cream. Moreover, the business earned a profit of £600k in its first year. All the five dragons were impressed by the business idea, its profit and Louise and Kate’s pitch. Kelly Hoppen said, “After listening to Louise and Kate’s pitch and trying their product, I knew the brand is worth investment. This exceptional product is the future of tanners. It is very different from the tanning products available in the UK.”

After a fiery argument between three dragons to fund the product, Kelly Hoppen and Piers Lenny invested £60k in the personal care brand for a 10% equity. Moreover, Skinny Tan also secured investment from Boots and expanded its business to Canada, Spain, Dubai and South Africa.

Where are Kate and Louise Now?

After appearing on Dragons’ Den, Skinny Tan grew the company’s revenue to £1m in 2014. Kate and Louise are still focusing on the growth of their personal care brand. The duo plans to expand their business worldwide and help women feel confident and better about their bodies. As the company’s marketing manager, Louise Ferguson aims to increase brand awareness, promote Skinny Tan and implement strategies. 

Skinny Tan has evolved as a global community of loyal customers who love the self-tan company. Soon after its establishment, the personal care product became the fastest-selling tanner in the United Kingdom, receiving millions of five-star ratings. In 2015, international beauty giant InnovaDerma acquired an 80% stake in Skinny Tan for an undisclosed amount. The net worth of Skinny Tan was £1.7m in 2022.

Get Inspired by the Story of Dragons’ Den Skinny Tan

Dragons’ Den provides numerous opportunities to budding entrepreneurs, allowing them to show their exceptional business idea to the world. Louise and Kate’s simple yet creative innovation focused on solving the problem faced by several women. They created a self-tan with hero ingredients like Aloe Vera, Coconut Water, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Guarana, Retinol, Poppyseed and Cocoa Butter. 

Skinny Tan offers much more than just a tan. The personal care brand prioritises boosting body confidence instead of endorsing body perfection. Moreover, the tanner celebrates and respects diversity, spreading love to women of all sizes, shapes, ages and skin tones.

Dragons’ Den was the best platform for the skincare product to create brand awareness and get investment and mentorship from the Dragons. The brand’s rapid growth shows how innovation, creativity, passion, hard work, intelligence, dedication and determination can help entrepreneurs become successful.

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How to Become the Next Dragons’ Den Skinny Tan

Dragons’ Den Skinny Tan combines innovation, intelligence, creativity, business knowledge, dedication and perseverance. Become the next Dragons’ Den Skinny Tan by creating an excellent product or service that solves a real-world problem. Once you develop a business idea, research the industry, competitors and market gaps. Try to improve your product by understanding the need and expectations of the audience.

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Create a precise business plan that outlines your mission, vision, strategy, target audience and expected profit. Then, seek investment, create brand awareness, build a strong network and regularly practise your pitch. Always show true and accurate profits, facts, figures, product value proposition and the company’s net worth. Innovation, intelligence, creativity, passion, commitment, determination and hard work can increase your chances of becoming the next Dragons’ Skinny Tan.

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