Wonderbly Dragons Den: The Story of a Unique and Successful Personalized Children’s Book Company

Wonderbly dragons den: The Story of a Unique and Successful Personalized Children's Book Company

What is Dragons’ Den Wonderbly: Personalised Books for Kids

A child’s imagination is the most beautiful, glorious, incredible, limitless and precious thing. Dragons’ Den Wonderbly designs magical and meaningful personalised books and stories, encouraging children and adults to imagine themselves doing remarkable things. The company aims to bring people closer through stories and inspire every chapter of a person’s life.

Wonderbly’s splendid stories develop curiosity, empathy and confidence in children, preparing them for every chapter of life. Moreover, the personalised book helps kids to understand their identity and learn about the outside world.

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Journey of Dragons’ Den Wonderbly from Kitchen Table to Becoming a Big Success

As a unique, imaginative and customer-oriented innovation, Wonderbly has an equally fascinating backstory. The self-funded and self-published startup gives equal credit to both the maker and the reader for co-creating their book. Dragons’ Den Wonderbly, previously called Lost My Name, designs illustrated and customised fiction books for children and adults.

Lost My Name started as a side project between friends willing to spread love with their new business idea. In 2012, four dads, David Cadji-Newby, Asi Sharabi, Tal Oron and Pedro Serapicos, established Wonderbly to offer personalised children’s books. Oran is an operator and technologist, and David is a writer.

The four co-founders started Wonderbly from the kitchen to create a customised book for children. They worked on the personalised books for nearly 1.5 years between family, full-time jobs and everything. Eventually, people loved it, and Wonderbly rose to fame and fortune.

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A Look at the Growth of Dragons’ Den Wonderbly

The introduction of Wonderbly dates back to 2012. In the holiday season of 2013, Wonderbly sold about 20k personalised books giving the founders hope and a positive sign. The company used great PR, famous bloggers and word-of-mouth strategies to create brand awareness and attract customers. 

Interestingly, the sales increased to 300k books in 2014 and over a million in the subsequent years. Wonderbly secured an investment of £7m Series A round in 2015, with Google Ventures topping the round. In 2016, the Series A extension added an extra £3.5m to the investment. Moreover, in 2017, Wonderbly secured a further £6.8m in a Series B round, with Ravensburger leading the funding.

The technology and book publishing business also received multiple recognitions and awards, including BAFTA in 2016. Wonderbly offers a wide range of products for numerous themes, occasions and every age group. Its books are available on Wonderbly’s official website, Not On The High Street, Amazon and local shops. Since its establishment, Wonderbly has sold more than 8 million bestselling books worldwide, becoming a big hit.

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Lessons Learned from Journey of Wonderbly on Dragons’ Den

Dragons’ Den is a BBC show where entrepreneurs deliver their business innovations to a group of capitalists called Dragons. The main motive of these entrepreneurs is to impress the dragons and secure an investment from them. The dragons are venture capitalists who are always hunting to find businesses and people having the potential to succeed in the industry.

In 2014, the producers of Dragons’ Den invited the founders of Wonderbly to the BBC show to pitch their book company. After an hour of a tough negotiation, the personalised book company received the best investment in the show’s history. During the pitch, the Dragons were amazed by Wonderbly’s rapid business growth. Interestingly, after being scaled, the company’s value increased by an astonishing 2,000% between October and November 2013.

On the BBC programme Dragons’ Den, Wonderbly sought an investment of  £100k for a 4% share in the business. The company’s pitch broke all the records on Dragons’ Den and became the best equity deal in the history of the BBC show.

Tech enthusiast Piers Linney was immediately impressed by the innovation and invested all of the requested money for just a 4% stake in the company. Piers even stated that Wonderbly is the most successful and innovative business ever pitched on Dragons’ Den.

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Get Inspired by the Story of Dragons’ Den Wonderbly

Wonderbly revolutionised the traditional publishing industry entirely by combining cutting-edge technology with personalised books.  The book publishing business uses clever algorithms to design genuinely personalised books for everyone. Wonderbly’s best feature is that it places its readers within the story to increase their imagination and involvement in the book.

Dragons’ Den Wonderbly shows a simple creative idea can make you successful and take you a long way. The book publishing company is famous for its fun and engaging stories, beautiful illustrations, and intricate customisation. Wonderbly’s bold move to offer personalised books has paid off, selling millions of copies worldwide.

BBC show Dragons’ Den offers numerous remarkable opportunities, and Wonderbly is just one of the most prominent examples of it. The TV programme opens several doors for ordinary people with creative, innovative and unique business ideas. Moreover, the Dragons believe that every entrepreneur has the power to make their business successful. Wonderbly inspires us to believe in our innovative business idea and make efforts to make it successful and huge. 

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How to Become the Next Dragons’ Den Wonderbly

Dragons’ Den Wonderbly combines creativity, determination, business understanding and intelligence. You can also become the next Dragons’ Den Wonderbly by designing an innovative and unique product or service.

Firstly, focus on innovating something that fulfils the need of society and solves a real-world problem. Moreover, conduct thorough research to improve your innovation and identify gaps in the industry. After creating a solid vision, build a comprehensive business plan that outlines your mission, marketing and PR strategy, target audience, and expected profits. 

Finally, find investment opportunities and attend networking events to create brand awareness. Subsequently, continuously practise your pitch and present accurate facts and figures. Moreover, ensure that your expected profit, the company’s net worth and the product’s value proposition are real and believable. 

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With innovation, creativity, hard work, dedication and willingness to take calculated risks, you could be the next Dragons’ Den Wonderbly. If you are looking for other success stories and helpful resources, read our other articles and also visit https://www.womenentrepreneursuk.com/