6 Worth-buying Products Pitched on Dragons’ Den

6 Worth-buying Products Pitched on Dragons’ Den

Finally, our favourite BBC programme, Dragons’ Den, is back with its 20th series. Dragons’ Den is a Television reality programme where aspiring entrepreneurs present their products and pitch to successful business tycoons. Since 2005, over 1000 budding entrepreneurs have walked through the den’s door to pitch their startups. Moreover, many entrepreneurs succeeded in getting investment or advertising their products internationally through the show. Additionally, several hopefuls successfully presented their products on Dragons’ Den and made their brands household names. With that in mind, let us look at some worth-buying products pitched on Dragons’ Den.

Skinny Tan

Skinny Tan is a self-tan product that women can apply easily and quickly, even on the most hectic day. Kate Cotton and Louise Ferguson introduced Skinny Tan in 2013 in the UK to combine the best skin care with a tan. Skinny Tan gives women a streak-free, natural and flawless look with its natural, vegan and skin-friendly ingredients. Kate and Louise describe their product as a self-care gift created by real women for real women.

Skinny Tan has a global community of loyal customers and thousands of five-star ratings and reviews. Soon after its launch, the skin care product became the UK’s fastest-selling tanning cream. In 2013, Louise and Kate pitched Skinny Tan on Dragons’ Den and secured £60k investment from Piers Linney and Kelly Hoppen.

GripIt Fixings

In 2008, Jordan Daykin invented GripIt Fixings, an innovative solution for mounting and hanging heavy and bulky objects on plasterboard walls. Jordan pitched his product in the 12th series of Dragons’ Den. Moreover, he got a deal from Deborah Meaden, becoming the youngest entrepreneur to secure funding on the BBC show.

Jordan didn’t like how traditional fixings like nails and screws quickly come loose and even fall off from plasterboard walls. Moreover, these nails and screws damage the wall internally and externally. It is risky and difficult to safely attach heavy objects like cabinets and TVs to the walls with the help of traditional fixings. Thus, to securely affix items to plasterboard walls, Daykin introduced GripIt Fixing, which equally distributes weight on the wall.

GripIt is a strong and dependable fixing solution and holds up to 113kg weight. The product is a big hit, with several variants available globally in over 32 nations.

Bobo Buddies

Bobo Buddies is a four-in-one travel toy product. Each Bobo Buddies consists of a backpack, a soft toy, a travel pillow and a fleece blanket inside the toy. So, the product is a quality soft toy that people can take anywhere and use its functional elements. The startup’s official website offers Bobo Buddies rattles, blankies, chimes and gift sets.

James Roupell established Bobbo Buddies with his savings of £35k. After designing the product, he marketed and sold them at fairs and through his website. Moreover, James pitched his product on Dragons’ Den and secured £50k investment from Deborah Meaden and Peter Jones. However, after the show, the deal didn’t go through.

James has expanded his business to 250 UK stores and eight different nations. Moreover, Bobo Buddies is rapidly increasing their variety by selling monkeys to lions to giraffes. In short, the startup is becoming a leading company in the UK.

TMPL Skincare

If you are a man looking for good quality self-care products, then this may be the right fit for you. Adam Hutchinson and Raphael Babalola established TMPL in 2021 to offer natural and safe personal care products to men of colour. The duo presented the skincare startup on Dragons’ Den and got investment from Steven Bartlett.

TMPL (pronounced ‘temple’) is a modern skincare brand offering its products to men who identify as Asian, Black or have mixed ethnicity. The startup manufactures high-quality, paraben-free and vegan self-care products with natural ingredients. TMPL aims to solve skin-related problems and concerns that prominent skincare brands overlook. The startup offers a variety of products like, hydrating face moisturiser, purifying face toner and gentle face cleanser. Moreover, TMPL’s net worth is £1.1m as of 2023. This is definitely one of the worth-buying products pitched on Dragons’ Den.

Reggae Reggae Sauce

Reggae Reggae Sauce is a unique barbecue sauce made with Jamaican jerk seasoning, a perfect blend for enhancing your food’s taste. The sauce is so delicious that it can add flavour to any dish.

Levi Roots established Reggae Reggae in his kitchen with the help of his seven children. The entrepreneur combined traditional Caribbean spices, herbs and flavours with other ingredients to create a mouth-watering blend. Can’t wait to buy the delicious sauce? Reggae’s products are available online and in the UK’s leading stores, including Tesco, Morrisons, Asda and many more.

Levi Roots is a Dragon Slayer, chef, entrepreneur and musician who believes that food tastes better when combined with music. In 2007, Roots pitched Reggae Reggae on Dragons’ Den and secured a £50k investment from Richard Farleigh and Peter Jones. Moreover, Levi’s unique pitch has made him the most famous contestant on the BBC show.

At present, UK’s all the major stores and supermarkets sell Reggae Reggae. Moreover, the company now offers books, table sauces, muscle foods, drinks, snacks, pasties, ice creams, ready meals and food services. Reggae Reggae is among the UK’s leading companies, with a net worth of £30m.

Big Clothing4U

BigClothing4U is a men’s clothing company that offers well-fitted, comfortable and stylish clothes for big and tall men. Ben Pearson introduced BigClothing4U to help men find comfortable, elegant, fashionable and long-lasting 2XL-10XL clothes.

The company is revolutionising the fashion industry to make men’s clothing better and more inclusive for all. BigClothing4U believes in bringing a change by dressing all body sizes and shapes. Ben’s company offers everything, from Jeans to Suits and Night Wear to Polo T-shirts. Moreover, the company’s website has a women’s section that offers casual and informal plus-size women’s clothing. BigClothing4U’s women’s collection sells joggers, cosy hoodies and sweatshirts that women can wear anywhere comfortably.

Ben appeared in the 20th series of Dragons’ Den to pitch his business, BigClothing4U and secured a £150k investment from Touker Suleyman. The clothing company applies the magic formula of combining Quality, Fitting and Care to differentiate from other brands.

These were 6 Worth-buying Products Pitched on Dragons’ Den. Which product did you like the most? Let us know in the comments section below.