Dragons’ Den Entrepreneurs

Dragons’ Den Entrepreneurs

Dragons’ Den is one of the great paths for the inventors that can help to make more money with their great innovative ideas. Dragons’ Den is very helpful if anyone want to start up his own business with cash investment and new invention. Dragons’ Den Entrepreneurs can get lots of ideas from the experienced Dragons in Dragons’ Den and the ideas are quite helpful for starting a business. Impressing the Dragons in the Den is very difficult job for the Dragons Den entrepreneurs but they will surely succeed if they have a well developed product and a strong presentation in hand. If you are one of the Dragons Den entrepreneurs then you will definitely get their support if you acquire these two things. So, you have to be well planned and very confident before appearing in front of the Dragons.

Dragon’s Den is a show organized in UK to help the newcomers in the business world. Thousands of people apply for appearing in the show every year but, there are some strict criteria that the Dragons Den entrepreneurs should take into consideration if they want to appear in front of the Dragons in the den, according to Sam Lewens who is the series producer of the show.

First of all, the product of the Dragons’ Den entrepreneurs should be market oriented because marketability is the most important factor in the show. Investors always look for a product having more marketability that can gain the profit. Dragons Den entrepreneurs have to think who is going to buy their product and what problems are solved by the product. The product should have some goal. Another important thing is intellectual property. If Dragons Den entrepreneurs have intellectual property protection ready for the ideas they have then they might be sure that the chance for copying their ideas by the competitors is less. It will help to increase the value to the investors. These two things are very important for the Dragons Den entrepreneurs because they have to write down how their ideas meet the criteria in the initial application form for appearing in front of the Dragons in the Den and they have to make sure that they have the right answers to the questions with them.

If Dragons Den entrepreneurs want to impress the Dragons in the den then they have to determine which type of market their products will fit into. The Dragons Den entrepreneurs have to discover several facts before appearing in the show like how much money is generated by that market and what the main players of the marker are. These factors are very important to attract the attention of the Dragons in the den. Dragons Den entrepreneurs should also take the options for intellectual property protection into their consideration because different forms of protection are required for different ideas. That is the reason why it is important to discover what kind of protection is best fitted for their needs. Most of the inventions are served best by any patent. The patent application might be daunting task for the Dragons Den entrepreneurs. So, it is suggested to take help from the professionals having huge expertise in a particular area and who are ready to help. Dragons Den entrepreneurs should search for a patent worldwide and then choose a patent. In this most effective and complete way the Dragons Den entrepreneurs will be able to make a smooth and clear patent application.

There are some important requisites if Dragons Den entrepreneurs want to get success in the show. First of all they should have a complete product in their hand rather than just a basic idea. There are some regular viewers in the show who might remember that some Dragons refused some Dragons Den entrepreneurs to invest into his/her business as he/she had only the basic idea in hand but, there was no complete product. So, if the Dragons Den entrepreneurs want to move further and they want to get a good business opportunity then they should establish the work function of the product and the components required. It will help to assure the Dragons in the den that the Dragons Den entrepreneurs have technically feasible idea and their product can be manufactured properly. Proper illustration of interaction between the user and the product is necessary which will help to demonstrate the benefits of buying the product. Show the product to the Dragons on the shelves or in context. Dragons Den entrepreneurs should have the images of the product and the process of manufacturing it when they are in the show. Display the pictures on the professional presentation board in the show. It will help the Dragons Den entrepreneurs to form the backbone of their speech. They can take help from the product designers to create an innovative design of the product which will create confidence in them to make the presentation better.

Proper pitching is very important in the Den because the Dragons will be seeing them for the first time and they even do not know them. Dragons Den entrepreneurs can attract their attention only with proper pitching and personality. If they cannot find the way of proper pitching then they should take help from other people who already appeared for the show and got success.

Prototypes are a great thing for approaching to the Dragons. There are huge numbers of Dragons Den entrepreneurs who approach the Dragons with prototypes. It is a great benefit in the Den because these prototypes will further demonstrate the investible natures of the product. If the Dragons Den entrepreneurs have proof of prototypes then it will prove that the new concept really works in a cost effectively way. Any pre-production prototype needs lots of effort to be developed but, it will help them to show how the product works and how it will look.

Dragons’ Den is the greatest opportunity for the Dragons Den entrepreneurs if they want to get their products in front of the public eyes and want to gain investment from the investors. But, it is very difficult job to get into the show as it requires some expert inputs and proper pitching to the Dragons. Always Dragons Den entrepreneurs should think that if they get success in the show then a new world of business will be opened for them and keep that in mind from the very beginning of the show to the end of the show. Dragons Den entrepreneurs should try hard and they will become successful for sure.

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