Dragons’ Den: The Worst Products and Pitches So Far

Dragons’ Den: The Worst Products and Pitches So Far

The producers of the BBC program Dragons’ Den have started the telecast of Series 20 of the famous show. The Dragons are again hunting innovative business ideas, products and inventions with serious business potential. Moreover, the format of the programme has not changed since its start. The show has produced UK’s some of the most prominent entrepreneurs and leading companies. The BBC programme’s success stories are great, but the bizarre ideas make it unique. As Dragons’ Den completes 17 years, here is the list of the worst products and pitches of the show.


Several entrepreneurs have pitched terrible ideas on the Dragons’ Den show, but we bet TINGATANG is the worst invention. In season 5 of Dragons’ Den, the duo presented their product Tingatang on the popular BBC show. Tingatang is a piece of jewellery which shows other people that you are single and ready to meet someone. Jill and Claire compared their product to a wedding ring, stating that Tingatang indicates singleness, like, engagement rings show marriage.

The duo asked for an investment of £100k for a 20% stake in their business. The dragons rejected the pitch and called the product unreasonable and foolish. While Meaden said she did not like the innovation, Bannatyne suggested shutting down the ridiculous business. Moreover, Peter Jones called the jewellery quite embarrassing. All the dragons quickly turned down Jill and Claire’s pitch declaring, “I am out”.

Flow Signals- Derek Cozens

Most bizarre business ideas try to solve problems that do not even exist. In 2010, Derek Cozens pitched his product Flow Signals on Dragons’ Den. The invention attempted to improve traffic lights and signals by covering them with confusing LED and electronic lights. The company did not have any value, and even the road-safety authorities rejected the implementation of such lights.

Derek asked for an investment of £50,000 for 10% equity. The Dragons instantly considered it a bad idea as the electronic lights would distract drivers and make roads more dangerous. The Dragons also called the product “the worst invention pitched on the show”.


Fold-Ease is one of the funniest products pitched on Dragons’ Den. Rupert Evans introduced Fold-Ease, an innovation that helps people to fold the perfect crease in their paper. He designed the product to protect people from friction burns and paper cuts and allow people to fold paper quickly and efficiently. Strange, right?

After listening to Rupert’s pitch, Dragons shook their heads in disbelief. They were even more surprised when the entrepreneur asked for an investment of £40k. All the dragons walked away from the offer as Rupert’s pitch failed to impress them.

DriveSafe Glove

Mike Carr’s pitch on the famous BBC programme Dragons’ Den is also one of the worst pitches in the show’s history. The entrepreneur pitched his product DriveSafe Glove, a white-coloured glove for British bikers. According to Mike, wearing the glove on the right hand reminds bikers to drive on the right side of the road.

The entrepreneur believed he invented the best safety product for all bikers, especially when they travel abroad. Interestingly, he sought an investment of £100k from the dragons for this stupid innovation. Mike left empty-handed as all the dragons rejected his pitch.

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The Knowledge

In series 3 of Dragons’ Den, Gerard Tomnay entered the den to present his business- ‘The Knowledge’. The Knowledge is a mobile phone service providing directional guidance and insider knowledge of London’s lesser-known streets. Moreover, the platform ensures accuracy by collecting information about directions and roads from cab drivers in the city. Gerard asked for an investment of £150k in exchange for a 30% equity in his company.

However, in the era of smartphones, technology and Google Maps, the probability of anyone contacting a premium phone service for guidance is very little. Interestingly, Peter tried to evaluate The Knowledge before considering any offer. Jones called the phone service, but the platform automatically put him on hold permanently. The situation turned awkward when Peter angrily stared at the silent phone for almost 30 seconds. Dragons rejected Gerard’s pitch for a strange idea and technological issue.

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These are just a few worst products and pitches of the Dragons’ Den programme. However, it is noteworthy to remember that even the best entrepreneurs can have a bad idea or a bad day. Sometimes even the best products and pitches get rejected by Dragons, but that doesn’t make any businessperson worthless. If you have an innovative idea or aspire to be an entrepreneur, try to learn from the mistakes of these hopefuls. Moreover, if you are a budding female entrepreneur, get valuable support and resources from www.womenentrepreneursuk.com. Also, do not forget to read our other articles to gain knowledge and information about Dragons and Dragons’ Den.